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A girl finds love. Will it last? Will it break her? What will happen?
Alina has been awake for hours now. She tries texting her brother.

No answer
No answer. She waits another hour and a half, but still no answer. Eventually, Damon comes by her apartment and tells her to get dressed as they're going somewhere. Alina asks where, but Damon just shrugs his shoulders. Alina slowly got ready to leave. Damon eventually yelled, "Hurry up! We're on a time frame." Alina just chuckles and moves at the same pace. Eventually, she exits her room, and Damon sighs in exasperation.

Damon and Alina speed to Mystic Falls High School where they see Bonnie leaving the school and going toward her car. Damon grabs Alina's waist and vampire speeds them to Bonnie, standing in front of her car door so she can't get in. Damon asks for the crystal back because he knows Caroline gave it to Bonnie.

Bonnie looks scared. Alina suddenly gets attacked by a vision. It shows Bonnie being haunted by her ancestor, Emily Bennett, and Bonnie desperately wants to get rid of her. The vision ends, and because it was not as powerful as the first two, she doesn't pass out, but she still is a bit weak to the knees. Damon and Bonnie are still arguing over the crystal and Alina says, "I know about Emily haunting you, Bonnie. Maye if you just give Damon the crystal, it'll be over." Bonnie vehemently shakes her head, and Damon growls and walks away.

After that headache-filled failed attempt, Damon goes back home and Alina has to get ready for work. Alina slips her work clothes on and drives to work. Once she gets there, she notices Jenna, Jeremy, and a new guy. She overhears Jenna talking to him and hears his name, Alaric. Alina gets to work and notices she has their section to take care of.

She walks over to them with her work notepad and pen and says, "Welcome to The Grill! My name is Alina and I'll be taking care of you guys today. What can I get started for you?" Alaric gives his order and so does Jenna. Jeremy is working on something, so Jenna nudges him softly to give his order. Jeremy looks up and quickly states his order, then looks back down at whatever he is doing.

Alina writes everything down and says she'll be back with the orders. She walks away, wondering about the ring on Alaric's finger. Pouring their drinks after giving the cooks the order, she wonders when she's going to get over the PTSD she has. She grows anxious. She shakes her head, throwing the thought out and away from her.

When her shift is over, she heads to the woods to walk around and clear her brain. While she's walking around, a piercing scream disrupts her thinking. She runs to it and sees Damon feeding on Bonnie. She quickly throws Damon to the side using her magic and then runs to heal Bonnie.

Elena looks at Alina with disgust. Alina rolls her eyes because she just saved Elena's best friend's life. After saving Bonnie, she rushes away back to her car. Damon speeds after her. He stops Alina before she can get into her car. Damon looks infuriated. "Emily possessed Bonnie and destroyed the crystal before we could open the tomb. What do we do now?"

"I suggest we keep looking for another way to open the tomb. That is if you still don't believe my vision of Katherine not being in the tomb." The look on Damon's face suggests that he still doesn't believe the vision. "Well, I'm headed home so I can get some rest. It's been a long day." Damon moves and Alina gets in the car. She drives away, and when she's far enough away, she sighs to herself. She thinks that there's another way to open the tomb, that the crystal cannot be the only way.

She opens her apartment door. Collapsing on the bed, she feels a sudden, heavy thirst. She speeds to the fridge and gets a blood bag. The blood bag rejuvenates her. She thinks the magic made her thirstier than normal. After drinking the whole bag, she grabs the remote to the TV and turns on youtube. Alina grabs her pointe shoes, not having practiced her routine in a while. She looks for a classical song she loves and clicks the play button.

She dances for a few hours until her feet hurt so much she can't stand. Alina eventually stops the music and takes the shoes off. To relax, she starts a bath and puts bubbles in it for a bubble bath. She grabs her phone and plays relaxing music. She slips into the bathtub and groans, her feet aching and sore. She takes her time washing her hair. Alina feels calmer, the anxious feeling from work gradually disappearing.

When the water turns cold, she gets out and pulls the plug for the water to drain. She slips a robe on and walks to her room. Soon, she grabs her favorite book, "A Good Girl''s Guide to Murder" and starts reading. Relaxing music is still playing from her phone. She's stuck in her book, not even thinking anymore.

She can visualize everything that's happening. When she looks at the time, she sees it's 1:11 am. She thinks, one more chapter should be good. Except it wasn't one more chapter. She finishes the whole book and moves on to the second book. The second book being just as entertaining as the first one, she reads the whole night.

It's now 5 am. She yawns and decides to sleep for a bit. She sleeps only an hour before she has a vision of Logan Fell kidnapping Caroline. Logan then gets interrupted by Damon and Alina trying to kill him. He boldly says he knows how to get into the tomb to save himself from being staked. Alina, while Damon and Logan are talking, grabs Caroline and carries her to the car, and drives Caroline home. The vision ends and she knows she needs to warn Damon about what's going to happen.

She hurriedly drives to the Salvatore Boarding House and runs in. "Damon! It's an emergency, where are you?" Damon rushes down and groans. "What is so important you had to wake me up at 5:47 in the morning?" Alina describes the vision she had and Damon groans again.

She begins talking about what they should do when someone knocks on the door.

A/N: I know they had flip phones and a smart tv wasn't really a thing in 2009 when this starts, but I don't know how else to include the music. Also, I know A Good Girl's Guide to Murder was made in 2019, but it's my favorite book trilogy right now and I wanted to include it. A/N Over
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