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A heretic finds love. Will it last? Will it break her? What will happen?
Alina hears three quick knocks on her door. She doesn't expect to see Liz Forbes there. "Hi Alina, can I talk to you about something?" Alina is nervous, wondering what she's going to say. "Uhh, sure." Alina steps to the side of the door and Liz walks in.

"Since you seem to care about my daughter, Caroline, I was wondering if you would chaperone the 50s dance tonight. She really seems to like you and she is growing more confident. I know you said something to her the night we took care of the vampire at The Grill. You two get along so well, and I just want to make sure she is safe."

"Yeah, of course, I'll chaperone! Caroline reminds me of myself when I was younger so I think of her as a little sister I never had." Alina smiles brightly, glad she's making an impact on Caroline's life. Liz smiles and thanks her. "It's not a problem, Liz. Now I have to find something to wear to a 50s dance." Alina laughs a little, and Liz joins in.

"Well, I'll leave you to it." Liz leaves and Alina sighs, happy it wasn't something bad. Alina walks to her closet and couldn't find anything to match the decade chosen. She looks up a boutique in Mystic Falls on her phone and finds the perfect dress to wear. It's a black and white polka dot dress that reaches knee-length.

After rushing out to buy the dress, she looks up hair ideas and makeup ideas. For her hair, she curls it and makes it bouncy on top. She also ties a black and white polka dot bandana under the bounce on the top of her head. For her makeup, she makes an eyebrow arch for both eyebrows, a thick winged eyeliner, mascara, rosy blush, and orangey-pink lipstick.

Damon shows up at Alina's door when she's done getting ready and tells her she needs to come with him to figure out a plan to keep Elena safe from the vampire that flipped her car and now has attacked her in her own home. Alina drives her and Damon to the Gilbert home and they go inside.

"He posed as the pizza delivery guy. He's been invited in." Elena states. Damon suggests she move and both Elena and Stefan give him looks. Alina just chuckles. Damon then suggests that they go to the dance and try to find him. Elena agrees but Stefan's not too sure until Elena reassures him that she'll be fine.

Alina and Damon carpool to the dance together while Elena and Stefan ride together. Alina arrives and sees Caroline and Bonnie. Bonnie looks hesitant to be near Damon and Caroline immediately waves Alina over. Alina runs over to Bonnie and Caroline, pulling Caroline into a hug. Bonnie smiles slightly but doesn't say anything.

"I didn't know you were chaperoning this dance!" Caroline shouts. "Well, I had nothing better to do and I wanted to see my adopted little sister!" Caroline looks around and says, "Who?" Alina laughs and, while tapping her nose, says, "Why, you, of course!"

Caroline screeches and pulls Alina into a tight, bear hug. They both laugh and Caroline's face displays feelings of extreme happiness. Caroline starts talking about the drama with Matt, and Alina, being the new older sister she is, wants to talk some sense into him. Caroline objects and says she can handle it herself.

Alina is so proud of her. She went from totally insecure to confident most of the time. Of course, just like everyone, she has her insecure moments, but those are few and far in between. Alina knows she needs to work on empathy with Caroline, something that, because of the insecurities she had, she lacked in.

"Do you want to sleep over at my house sometime, Care-Bear?" Caroline looked ecstatic, "Really?" She asked. "Yes, really. We can watch movies one day and the next day we can go get our nails and hair done after going to the spa." Caroline's face exhibited pure happiness. She nodded her head up and down quickly, and hugged Alina again.

Caroline and Bonnie soon walk away. Alina walks around when she sees Alaric and Damon talking. She can see Alaric fighting an internal battle, but she doesn't know what it is. Damon has a suspicious look on Damon's face. Alina wonders what they were talking about, but doesn't think much of it.

After a while, she spots Elena walking out of the gym in fear with a phone held up to her ear. Alina listens in and hears the vampire that's after Elena on the other side of the phone. Alina quietly follows after her. They walk out of the gym, but as soon as Elena exits the doorway, she runs towards the cafeteria.

Alina follows as quickly as she can, but as she doesn't want to out herself as a vampire, and she doesn't know the school very well, she lost Elena. Trying to find her way back to where she started, she heard a scream and ran towards the startling sound.

She found the vampire about to bite into Elena and ran up to him, throwing him away from her. Stefan and Damon rush in, zooming to Elena to make sure she's okay. Stefan vampire speeds to the vampire that attacked Elena and stakes him in the stomach.

"Why are you after her?"

"She looks like Katherine." He smirks and Stefan moves the stake, digging it deeper in him. The vampire groans and Stefan asks what he's doing here. He answers with something about the tomb and opening it.

"Who else are you working with?" Stefan asks sternly. The vampire shakes his head. "No, you'll have to kill me." Stefan removes the stake from the vampire's stomach and stakes him quickly and roughly in the heart.

The vampire turns grey and veiny, desiccating right in front of them. Damon, Stefan, and Alina hear Alaric walking toward the cafeteria and Damon says he'll take care of the body.

Stefan, Alina, and Elena walk out of the cafeteria, going back to the dance. Stefan and Elena dance for a while and then the dance starts to come to an end. Everyone leaves to go home and Alina stays to help clean up.
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