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A signal for freedom, fidelity, and security - a securely closed border - a rhyming poem.
The policy, such garbage -
A loosely filthy stretch -
To manage this grave tutelage
Would make a good soul wretch -
The border claims, wide open,
For illicit means and fleeing,
Which deathly scenes and coping
Endanger folks’ well being.

God’s presence is the focus -
Held highest in His visage -
How devils’ clues do choke us;
A thought on street life’s image…
The cruelty now lengthened,
Allowing drugs and sex,
To pour through borders strengthened,
Affirming dues that vex…

Such a gross uncertainty -
Incontinent resolution;
That selfless perpetuity
Results in dissolution -
Competition, second-best,
Cannot be less mistaken -
Heads held firm, above the rest
Shall never be forsaken…

Were it not for welcome voices
Souls with antidotes,
There would be no saner choices
Then these sanctioned votes…
A savage height, prosperity,
Despite uneven victories,
Does shame our views and clarity,
Invalidates these charities.

Set to purpose widespread gains
Of tried and true hopes, fancy,
Which abolish record pains
And terrorists so chancy!
Abort the styled, healthful thought,
The lives of victims, children,
Lost to passions, poisons bought
Through that terrorist doctrine…

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