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Sam Adams Desperado for writer's cramp

Sam Adams Desperado in the Wild West

          Sam Adams was a gunslinger, a desperado in the wild west. He was a member of the Jessie James gang, and a friend of Wild Bill Hitchcock. Wild Bill died during a poker game when he won and was accused of cheating. With the turn of a friendly card, he had a full house, two black aces, and three eights. The woman who worked for the club in Deadwood, the Dakotas, the so-called devil woman who would gladly do whatever the customers demanded, stood up and cheered Bill Hitchcock’s epic win.

         A man stood up and accused Bill Hitchcock of cheating and shot and killed Wild Bill Hitchcock with his cards displayed in what became known as the dead man’s hand. The police detained Sam Adams as a witness and as a known acquaintance of Wild Bill Hitchcock.

         Jake Lee, the man who accused Sam Adams of being the cheat, was a time bandit whose job was to track down and assassinate Time Lords. He told Sam while they were in jail that the Time Lords were master criminals and that his organization had been battling them for centuries, and offered him a position.

         You see, Sam, the Time Lords work for the Committee that controls all the various planets and works to make sure that corporate interests are always protected, and radical revolutionary changes can never take place. That is their plan, but we know in the long run we will defeat them.

         On earth, they are going to let the corporate interests destroy the planet before evacuating the corporate elites. That is what they do. Come join us and assassinate the Time Lords and their masters, the corporate elitists.”

         When Sam was released from jail, cleared of all charges, he called up Jake Lee and asked him if the offer was still good. Jake said,

         “Of course.”

         He joined the time bandits the next day and never looked back or regretted it.

Use in your poem or story the following - bold them for tomorrow's judge:

in the long run
the turn of a friendly card
devil woman

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