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Come to My Dreamworld for Writer's Cramp

Come to My Dreamworld


The world is filled
With mysterious spaces,
Gateways to other worlds.
Time and space open up
If we know where to look.

Join me as we take a journey
To the other realms of fantasy
As we dream of other worlds.

They reveal themselves to us
When we enter my dream worlds.

We shall jump through the portal
Finding ourselves in Narnia,
Battling the wicked witch
Overcoming evil,
Ending the winter’s cruel reign.

Then taking a balloon ride
Over the rainbow
To the land of Oz.

Where we kill
The wicked witch
Of the west.

We travel to wonderland
Joining Alice as she meets
The mad red queen.

Having tea
With the matter hatter
The Cheshire cat grins
Smoking his hookah.

And that is just
The beginning
Of the many journeys
We can take,

When you enter
My dream world
And yours.

See you in my dreams
My friend.

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