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Touched by an angelic halo, this martyr of mayhem - a poem.
Lightly decided on,
While fingering the button
On a series of violations
Stemming from payments
To a porn star and a playmate
For a magazine -
Slipping past the legal criteria
Of an actual case;
Sending society into an extradition tailspin;
The leaders of a local jurisdiction
Claim a national crime was committed,
And proceed to take a mugshot
And fingerprints,
And reveal over thirty violations
For a pair of legal hush monies
By suggesting that these crimes
Threatened the fair and legitimate elections
Of eight years ago
Which stampeded the sanctity
Known as a nation first policy. 
A lawful ownership based
On the principles of constitutional,
Family, dream-like,
And saintly, fair purpose…

The rights of a worldly icon -
To seek the highest, publicly elected office -
Are quickly tossed aside and derailed,
In a vicious and vague, unjust process
Which circumvents the given truths;
A democratically owned,
Republic-led, free trade
And global response to economic,
Climatic, and foreign enemies’
Hateful and ambitious concerns;
The unruly knocking down
Of the freedoms of choice
And expression which separate
An ideal nation from an evil
And authoritarian, despotic entity…
And a cliff to which communists are drawn,
And the harmonies to which responsive
Legislative duties are sacrificed, displayed,
And duly authorized…

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