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by Norman
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They played their baseball game each week.
The angels and the devils met
to play a game of ball.
You might think that is kind of weird
but it’s not weird at all.

They played their baseball game each week,
no matter rain or shine.
The devils like the hottest days.
To them, the heat felt fine.

And this day was a scorching one.
The sun was beating down.
The devils thought that this was great
as they danced all around.

The angels had another thought
as they looked to the sky.
Since that was their home turf, you know,
they let some clouds drift by.

The devils would be first to bat;
the angels won the toss.
Those cherubs hoped to turn the tide
from their last hard-fought loss.

There was no ump to call the game.
Who had the nerve for that?
So both teams swung at everything
when they were up at bat.

Well, it was quite a wild game.
The devils broke a tie.
The angels had their final chance.
It now was do or die.

With two outs and one man on base,
in inning number nine,
the biggest angel was at bat.
The game was on the line.

The devils were ahead by one,
and things were looking bad.
The angel took a mighty swing
and gave it all he had.

Well, sad to say, he swung and missed.
The devils got the win.
The angels had to watch their words;
to curse would be a sin.

Those angels should have been alert
and paid attention more.
‘Cause if they had they would have seen
the devils fixed the score.

Oh, yes, those devils cheated them.
They do it every time.
To them it was a simple choice;
they celebrated crime.

Those snookered angels now were on
a six-game losing streak.
They hung their heads and prayed that they
could pull it off next week.

But they'll have a devil of a time.

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