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Lidia will do anything to be with her family.
Lidia slipped in her headphones and hit the play button for her music. She was rather nervous. It was her first flight after the change had taken place.

She sighed as she turned her gaze towards the outside view of never ending clouds and sea. The water glistened, the sunlight bouncing off each smooth wave. She smiled grimly to herself at the glitter filled blue. Lidia didn’t wish to be a vampire, she had just gotten her life together. She had found a loving husband and they even had their first baby together… However, Lidia’s new form would pose a threat to both her soulmate and their ray of light. She didn’t want to leave them, but she had to.

Luckily enough for Lidia, Cassius, her father vampire, offered her help. To teach her the vampire way and how to control her fangs and the thirst for blood.

She wiped away the tear that had formed. Lidia wouldn’t give up. She would persevere and see her beloved family once again.
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