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Poetry in the heart...
My heat lies in tatters:
all of my being but an empty persuasion;
shameful doubts fill me with woe
like the hopelessness that reminds me
of the end of my youth.

I search my soul and finds it amiss:
deep down I feel my dread and fears,
like the errors of choice that lead me to ruin;
yet, I persist to opt the path to destruction
and choose the finality of my beginning.

Alone in my thoughts in the dawn of light:
shadows darken my soul with images
of the past and ghostly animations,
recurring as the mirage of blooms that
fail to awaken me to a hope of tomorrow.

The sun dims behind. a cloud of. mist:
and a frenzy of tears sweep my sorrows to
cry my soul into a senseless distress in
the midst of aloneness while I lose
my heart through windy gales and storms.

I grope my way out of the foggy dust:
I wander the streets of doubts and face
the demanding quest to silence my soul
against the roar of despair, depressing in
the face of the. onus of regrets.

The heavens open to the voice of love:
whispering through an abundance of
voices that render the. worthlessness
of my. soul as I recoil from the binds
that tie me to yesterday's disgrace.

If the fullness of glory comes:
with the forgiveness that atones,
I therefore surrender myself to the
highest being who would bring me the
beauty of the lilies that soften the
ugliness of a cold and barren heart.

My heart awakens nevertheless:
to the glory of the morning light, unfolding,
yielding to seek the sun in the wildness
of the universe; then I praise the dawn
that sheds the darkness and shows me
atonement and peace and love and honor;
as well as grace and mercy along
with the maturity of heart.

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