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Luke Skywalker vs the Death Star

36 Line

Obi Won was talking to
Luke Skywalker
The resistance ace pilot

He had a message
From Princess Leia

She said,

The hopes
Of freedom-loving people
Everywhere is upon you

You cannot fail
In your mission
To destroy the Death star
And liberate the galaxy

From the Tyranny
Of Darth Vadar
And the Imperial

Luke turned
To his fellow pilots

As we deploy
Our mission
We know what
We must do

We must destroy
The death star
And overthrow
The evil empire

Long live the resistance
And may the force
Be with you.

They took off
On their high-risk mission
And Luke blew up
The death star.

On April 21st, 1918, the German ace pilot the Red Baron was shot down and killed. (And not, despite the Peanuts cartoons, by Snoopy.)

Write a story or poem in which your protagonist has been assigned/forced/coerced/tricked/begged/inspired to bring down an enemy aircraft. (Can be an actual airplane or something more genre-appropriate: a fairy dragonfly rider, a space fighter, a steampunk cyborg, a neighborhood bully's wind-up toy fighter, etc)

As always, a stronger entry will make clear the motivations, the conflict, and the impact of the resolution.

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