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How God’s love shall assist and deliver us from suffering - a religious poem.
A helpless soul in despair
Seems incalculably lost
In a fruitless diet
Of perpetual struggles
With worth and qualities;
The sights become set
For innumerable, jettisoned costs.
Cold tours of prevailing peril
Eschew notions of credible crossfire
From adjacent times…
And hope springs
From an unrealistic shagging
Of pop flies not slugged
Way too deep!!

So do be way too thankful
That God is the Almighty Spirit
And the deliverer of assistance
To the beleaguered and destitute;
The Lord reigns over all earthly
And angelic choruses;
His immense and forthright Love
For humanity demands
One’s unbreakable reliance
On a strict and deeply moving,
Respectful caring
For His sweet, endearing gravity…

Trust that most instructional,
Awe-inspiring power,
A culmination of His heaven sent
Forgiveness of sin
Through His Insightful and Ultimate Son,
The Holy Savior!!

Life on this planet consists
Only of His Love
And extraordinary, commanding
Details and depth…
One’s suffering was brought
To those truly beloved
And welcome sheep
Of the Savior’s benevolent
And sincere flock -
His wishes shall be exceedingly
And one’s faith shall be
The resurrection of that individual’s
Excellent and idyllic fortunes…

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