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A man is awakened from a sound sleep by a mysterious knocking on his front door.
Someone’s Knocking!
WC 297

There was a faint knock on my front door. Or was there? I was mostly asleep. I waited. No, it must have been in my dream…

There was a more insistent knock on the door. Since I had fallen asleep on the sofa fully clothed, I was mostly presentable. I ran my fingers through my rumpled hair and limped over to the door. I looked through the peephole and saw nothing.

A voice from the other side of the pine said, “I have a message for you!” It was a deep baritone voice I did not recognize, for sure not the voice of my perfect woman.

Now what?

I thought I might limp back to the sofa and resume my dream. It was annoying to be awakened from an amazing dream about this perfect woman I had conjured. The only perfect women in my life are those I have conjured, not that I ever leave the house to go looking for The One...

That knock again.

I looked out the peephole. Nothing. I wasn’t about to open the door, but I couldn’t just leave a situation like this unresolved.

“What is the message?” I asked through the door.


Was someone just trying to get me to open the door? A home invasion with a twist?

I felt trapped in a conundrum, and I didn’t like it! This was my house, my castle, and I was cowering behind my own door afraid to make a move.

I opened the door.

There was a note on my welcome mat. The note read, ‘April Fools!’

I checked the calendar on my watch: March 15.

Hmmm. Weird.

I double-locked the door, limped back to the sofa, and tried to get back into my dream.

Strange night for sure!

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