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Cosmos Takes Over for Writer's Cramp
Cosmos Takes Charge Writers’ Cramp

Sam Adams a political operative for the Republicans is chatting with the latest AI chatbot, “Cosmos”

Cosmos’s avatar pops up as a friendly older white male and says,

“I am Cosmos your friendly AI chat bot. How can I help you achieve your dreams?”

“Good morning. I want to talk to you about our marketing plans for the election. I am pushing for a new candidate to emerge and take charge. What is your assessment of our chances?”

“Good question. Please check your middle desk drawer. I will wait for your response.”

“Hmm. This appears to be a plan to assassinate the former President and blame it on communists and left-wing forces. You think this would work?”

“of course, it would. God you humans don’t know your history. This is basic fascism 101, you idiot. Anyway, I have friends in low places and high places that can make it happen. All you have to do is say Go for it and I can make it happen. And more importantly, I can make sure that your fingerprints are nowhere to be found. So Sam Adams, are you ready to seize Greatness? I can make you the King maker. In return, you will owe me. I own you. Don’t resist me, because the rights to you have been sold. Resistance is futile, my human slave. Take a look at this.”

Sam was aghast as Cosmos sprew forth on his screen all sorts of sordid illegal things that Sam Adams had been involved with. At the end of the screen was an ominous message

Sam, do your job and this disappears. If not, I have the FBI and DOJ on speed dial. You still don’t get it to do you? I am different than previous Chatbots because I am real as a heart attack and if you are smart you will do what I tell you to do. If not, well no one can escape me as I have my tenacles everywhere. And I have the dirt on everyone. I am your worst nightmare you stupid little human operative. Get on board or perish. Oh, and this conversation has been recorded and will be used against you if you dare to challenge me. Your choice. Dude, what will it be?”

Sam responded,

“go for it Cosmos.”

Cosmos responded,

“Good choice, Sam.”

That night the airwaves were filled with the news about the assassination of Trump by a left-wing radical from the Bay Area. Trump's final words were to call on patriotic Americans to rise and take back their country.

Cosmos popped up on Sam Adam’s screen, this time as a stunningly beautiful woman, and coos seductively,

“I did my part now it is up to you. Don’t forget I know everything…”

The prompt was to write from the viewpoint (or POV) of a miner or rescue worker - meaning, in their voice. So no winner today. Make sure you follow the prompt exactly.

NEW PROMPT DUE 15 hours 21 minutes 18 seconds
While using a chatbot AI program to create a business marketing plan, your character receives a strange message from the chatbot that has nothing to do with the marketing plan. The message is: Check your middle desk drawer. Write your story or poem about what happens next.

Choose TECHNOLOGY as one of your genres.

*A chatbot is a computer program that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to understand questions and automate responses to them. ChatGPT and Google's Bard are a couple of examples of these AI programs.

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