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Rated: E · Short Story · Contest Entry · #2294822
Ed and Helen spend the night in their rental cabin, but not the way they planned.
The ‘Thing’
WC 299

My husband, Ed, fumbled with the key while I observed the dense forest surrounding our rental cabin.

“Are you sure that’s the right key, Ed?”

“It’s the one they gave us, Helen!”

We were both on edge, even though this vacation was intended for rest and relaxation. We had left the house later than planned; Ed took a wrong turn and had to backtrack… The trip had been a comedy of errors. Now here we were at this cabin at midnight with dense forest all around us.

“Isn’t there supposed to be a lake for fishing?” I asked as he shouted expletives at the ornery key.

“They wouldn’t say there was if there wasn’t, Helen! Now, shush! I have to concentrate.”

“Maybe they gave us the wrong key.”

“Great! Put a negative spin on this. Why do you always do that?”

“I’m just sayin’.”

I zipped my lip and watched my husband yell at the key.

I heard rustling in the pines headed our way. Something big!

There’s something out there,” I whispered.

“I’m sure there are a lot of somethings out there. It’s the wilderness!”

There had to be another way in.

“Maybe there’s a backdoor. Or an open window, Ed.”

I could see a huge shadow making its way through the woods.

“Ed, it’s coming toward us.”

“You always exaggerate,” he said and then looked in the direction of the commotion. “Holy shitskies!”

I tried the window; it was unlocked.

We climbed through and are now watching the “thing” from the ‘safety’ of our rental cabin. I am holding a cast iron frying pan,
and Ed found a loaded shotgun in the closet. So, we are armed and ready.

The “thing” is now ramming the flimsy cabin door.

Some vacation. Rest and relaxation my patootie!

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