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A young wizard is crowned king of his town after saving it from destruction.
"New Regime"


W. P. Gerace

A bright sun towered over the glistening hills of the valleys of Charming, a small town on the east side of the underworld. It was true that most of the underworld was filled with demonic spirits, hateful souls, and creatures that tortured mankind. Still, there were small pocket towns like Charming that protected humanity from the evils of demons and other creatures. Charming was a small tiny town with lush green pastures and towering trees that covered the remote valley from the blistering effects of the sun.

Today was a special day in Charming. After years of war with demonic entities and being controlled by ruthless rulers who drug the once well-respected community into the clutches of despair Wizard Harry Stokes led a group of wizards and good spirits against the regime that ran the district. Though it took years, the war was finally over, and he would be officially crowned the new king of Charming in a few short minutes.

Harry smiled as the crowds began to fill the grounds of the palace. He waved from the balcony, so grateful that he could lead the Kingdom back to a time of hope and joy. Soon they would return to doing what they were destined to and guard mankind against its mistakes. Stepping inside the entrance, he glanced through the mirror in his room. Its' gold oval surface radiated this late afternoon. The diamonds on the mirror's surface sparkled in awe as the transparent interior displayed mankind amid a heavy war. Large dark green military trucks holding men with masks and arms spilled through the streets. Women and children were torn from their loved ones and thrown into camps of torture and pain. Tears trickled down his cheeks. He knew they did not have much time. Once he assumes his role, he will have full powers to restore the safety mankind needs.

Blasting away from the far east valley of town, he could hear the soldiers who fought alongside him sound their trumpets, ecstatic that a new regime had finally taken over. His heart jumped with glee. It would not be long before life went back to normal for everyone. Lost in his thoughts, he did not hear the knock on his door. It was his mother, Judith, dressed in her elegant purple gown. Her fire-red hair spiraled down on the sides of the dress. There was jubilee in her deep brown eyes. Holding the family jewels, a red velvet box containing every piece of jewelry from every man in his family who ruled the town before him, she placed them in his hands.

"Today, you become not only a King son but a man. Your father and I are so proud of you. I see you were looking at the mirror of hope. Do not worry about these things. Once given your ruler status, you will have unlimited powers and can save mankind from everything. I am so happy for you. "His mother's eyes brimmed with tears appearing like tiny slivers of silver.

"Thank you, Mother. I love you and Dad so much. Where is Dad? "Harry questioned, looking around his empty room, not seeing anyone in sight.

"Here I am, son. "His father Louis yawned, appearing from a cloud of red dust.

"There you are. Sorry if I interrupted your nap, Dad. I know this is when you usually rest. "Louis smiled, knowing his father loved his naps.

Another trumpet sounded then a voice bellowed in a stern tone. All rise as we await the arrival of our new king. Marcus, his new Head Wizard, demanded folks rise and greet their king. Glancing out his side window, such large crowds gathered on the east and west lawns. Mothers, fathers, grandparents, brothers, sisters, children, everyone was here to celebrate this special day. Holding his father's hand, his mother raised her hands and took them away in a cloud of blue smoke.

Sweat poured down his face. His anxiety began to swell up in him with the steadfast pace of an overflowing stream. All his fears began to surface. He was only 16, a mere boy. Sure, he fought the demons and those who ruled Charming with fierceness and won. But was he truly ready for this. Putting on his purple cloak, he had severe second thoughts about this.

"Man, do not turn back. It is your time, and it was destined to be this way. Trust me, I know, dude. "Marcus, all six foot three of him, towering over Henry. He could easily step on him and crush him to pieces.

"I do not know about this. Fighting is different than leading a kingdom. Am I really ready? "Henry asked.

"You're ready, dude, trust me. "Marcus said.

Henry wanted to just run away at this point. It was too late. Henry was beckoned to the balcony by the chief wizards. There were throngs of people. Every space was filled as folks watched the ceremony. His mother seemed lost as she walked through the crowds. She couldn't find her seat. He knew she was there though silently observing.

"By the power vested in me. I, Sir Howard Powell, Adorn you, King of Charming. May you rule our Kingdom with wisdom and strength and live a long, fruitful life. Long live the king of Charming. "Placing the gold staff in his hands and placing his crown of gold on him, suddenly the powers of the Kingdom flooded through Henry's worried spirit.

Smiling, he realized he was not in this alone. The Kingdom had its powers, and his new powers would be all he needed. Raising his staff and rod, he made the most stunning speech anyone has ever heard in Charming. Things would be better.
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