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The realization you were good enough after all...
There is nothing like going
to your 50th high school reunion
to put things into perspective.

This bulging balding grey-faced guy comes up
wearing what appears to be his favorite plaid shirt from high school
baggy khakis with ragged bottoms
freshly polished black loafers with tassels
and tells me, "I always liked you,
was too shy then to ask you out...
but I always thought you were so pretty and smart."

Now he tells me!

I have to put on glasses to read his nametag
and then have to mentally venture back in time
to the dashing football stud
I never then thought
would ever give me a second look.

if he only knew the love poems written
but never given to him
and my diaries going on and on about
how I'd never be enough.

This night
I look into his sincere saggy bulldog of a face
and try to think of something nice
to say back.
All I can come up with is,
"It's nice to see you too."

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