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A purpose filled with pride & status must stay real to be truly blessed with time - a poem
Pluses and minuses,
Ingredients make batter…
All dessert geniuses -
Don’t wish a splatter…
The smell just teases -
Not like a Mad Hatter;
They know it appeases;
And wouldn’t burn it, but no matter,
Not in the Name of Jesus…
That’s worship, won’t scatter!

When chefs aim to bake,
Their gems seem extraordinary;
A pie, brownie, cookie, or cake,
They’re certainly not ordinary.
Highly veritable, wouldn’t shake
The spirit of a formulary;
And despite a mistake,
We thrive - less than ornery -
No process to forsake -
Shouldn’t have a coronary!

Bakers make a pledge;
Success is implored -
Despite going near an edge,
The gamesmanship is adored.
There never is a ledge
That futilely gets ignored;
Whether you graduate from college,
That viscous ruin is stored -
And that’s why the cook’s marriage
Feeds - the science is ably scored.

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