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A poem about not letting fear control you.
In the face of fear, we often cower and hide,
Our hearts pound, our palms sweat, and we feel the tide,
Of panic and despair, rising in our chest,
But listen close, my friend, and let me attest,

That fear is just a feeling, it's not the truth,
It's not a monster, it's not uncouth,
It's simply a signal, a warning sign,
To be cautious, to be aware, to be more aligned.

But far too often, we let fear take the lead,
We let it dictate our actions, we let it impede,
Our progress, our growth, our dreams, and our drive,
We let it control us, we let it thrive.

But what if we took a different approach,
What if we saw fear as a coach,
Guiding us to be better, stronger, more bold,
What if we let fear be the story we told.

A story of triumph, a tale of might,
A story of courage, of facing the fight,
A story of persistence, of never giving in,
A story of resilience, of always striving to win.

So don't let fear run your life, my friend,
Don't let it be the means to your end,
Stand tall, stand strong, and face your fears,
And watch as your confidence grows, and your soul cheers.

For you are capable of greatness, of achieving your goals,
You are capable of overcoming, of breaking down walls,
You are capable of shining, of being a guiding light,
You are capable of anything, if you just take flight.

So spread your wings, and soar high,
Let your spirit guide you, let your heart fly,
Let fear be your ally, not your foe,
And watch as your life, with greatness, does glow.
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