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An exercise in filling empty space with random noise

Just Sayin'

Like, she was all that,
can you feature the scene?
And he was like, duh,
if you know what I mean.

Um, really, I guess,
he's like, basically fine.
So, seriously, ah,
just give me a sign.

To be honest, okay,
I mean, totally true,
A dude like no other,
so, go get a clue.

There's a lot on my plate,
but just between us,
I suppose that he's likely
thrown under the bus.

Uh, actually, yeah,
as if there's a chance.
it's a total no-brainer,
so, thanks in advance.

At this moment in time,
with all due respect,
and I'm not even joking,
I could care less.

It is what it is,
I'm not gonna lie.
At the end of the day,
I could literally die.

Just sayin'

Author's note: 29 lines

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