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The creative process

A Musing

I'm flanked by a couple of muses,
their names are Eb and Flo.
One is a horse's hobble,
the other a rocket of go.

Flo is a spritely spirit
engaged in an endless quest,
climbing every mountain,
she's never been seen at rest.

Eb is an iron anchor
keeping my craft at bay,
a languorous, lazy fellow,
he'll never be seizing the day.

Flo is a shot of espresso,
revved and ready to race.
Eb is a sip of old whiskey,
drowsy and settled in place.

One is a flaring sparkler,
the other a snuffed-out wick.
One makes a call to action,
the other just calls in sick.

Flo is like whitewater rapids,
ideas bubble up in a rush.
Eb is an aimless eddy,
drifting along in a hush.

Flo is the queen of oughta,
Eb is the essence of wait.
Flo is eagerly early,
Eb always shows up late.

Flo makes a constant pleading,
time to get off your duff,
but Eb gives the final verdict,
tomorrow is soon enough.

Author's note: 32 lines
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