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It's that unmistakable smell that gets you.
Derek had never been good with babies. So, when his sister asked him to babysit his six-month-old nephew, he was apprehensive. But he was determined to do a good job.

Everything was going smoothly until he noticed a smell. It wasn't just any smell; it was the unmistakable smell of a dirty diaper.

He picked up the baby and sniffed him. Yup, it was definitely the baby's diaper. He had no idea how to change a diaper, but he knew he couldn't leave the baby in a dirty diaper. He would figure it out.

As he was changing the diaper, he heard a loud crash. He quickly finished up and rushed to see what had happened.

To his horror, he saw that his nephew's favorite toy was missing. He searched high and low but couldn't find it. "It has been stolen," he muttered.

Maybe the baby had hidden it somewhere. He asked the baby, but of course, he didn't answer.

He retraced his steps and see if he had accidentally taken the toy and put it somewhere else. He checked every room, but there was no sign of the toy. He was about to give up, then he heard a familiar sound. It was the sound of the toy! He followed the sound and found it under the couch.

He breathed a sigh of relief and picked up the toy, feeling like a hero. That's when he noticed the smell again. He had forgotten to throw away the dirty diaper.

He quickly disposed of it, embarrassed that he had forgotten such a crucial step, but relieved that the baby was clean and happy again.

Holding his nephew, he realized that babysitting was a lot harder than he had anticipated. Maybe he should be getting paid to do this.

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