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by Leeboi
Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Comedy · #2296865
A man is on a perfect date when all of a sudden... ... ...
It was a gorgeous, beautiful evening under the clear lit sky. The stars were twinkling, winking at you with every glance. There we were, alone, under the cherry tree that Jesus of Azkabar grew through his miracles. Every tree around our area was the same boring pine tree that even Bigfoot would be embarrassed of. There was nothing appealing about our town; let alone our landscape. All we had were pine trees, sage, and long overgrown garden weeds. But there we were, dancing in the full moonlight under the miracle cherry tree.

I never knew how beautiful she was until I stared heavenly into her pale blue eyes. Her perfume was soft, warm, and eerie. It reminded me of Halloween where people dressed as witches wander the neighborhoods leaving behind a trail of warm lingering coconut scent. The dress she wore was like Cinderella’s; at least that’s how she looked and presented herself. She was even missing one glass shoe.

“I never want this night to end,” I whispered romantically into her ear. My head rested comfortably on her left shoulder with my eyes closed.
“Me either…Wait!” She exclaimed before pushing me to the ground barbarically.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“What time is it?!”
“It’s 11:59…”
“I need to get home now! Where’s my horse and carriage?!”
“Your…horse? And…carriage?” I asked in utter confusion.

Three seconds later, a cartoon horse and carriage appeared out of nowhere. And just like that, she was gone; disappeared upon the now cloudy moonless night. The stars were also nowhere in sight. It was as if they had flown south for the winter.

I looked up to reassure myself that what I thought was a wonderful date with a bored schizophrenic housewife turned out to be just another acid trip. I checked the time on my watch. It was midnight. I heard loud moaning coming from the pine trees to my left. I observed in that direction briefly before letting out a deep sigh, ‘Bigfoot is mating again, I’d better get home.’
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