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A poem about two estranged brothers mending their relationship during a road trip.
As brothers born of the same blood,
Their bond was once unbreakable, strong as oakwood.
But time and distance had torn them apart,
Leaving behind a chasm, an unhealed heart.

Years had passed since they last spoke,
Their relationship broken, like a shattered yolk.
But fate had a different plan in store,
Forced to take a road trip, they had to explore.

California was their destination,
A journey they had to take, no hesitation.
The journey began with awkwardness and unease,
Each one unsure, how to break the freeze.

The first stop was San Diego,
Walking on the beach, they felt their bond grow.
The sound of the waves, the salty air,
Washed away their grudges, without a care.

As they drove through Los Angeles,
The city of dreams, with all its dazzles,
They talked about their childhood memories,
Laughing and joking, like the old times, with ease.

In Santa Barbara, they decided to camp,
Pitching their tent, they felt like champs.
The stars above, the bonfire below,
They shared stories, like they had long ago.

Next up was Monterey Bay,
Whale watching was on the way.
With every sighting, their joy increased,
Their brotherly bond, slowly pieced.

The scenic drive along the Pacific Coast,
The rugged cliffs, the ocean most,
Made them realize, how much they'd missed,
Each other's company, they couldn't resist.

In San Francisco, they decided to stay,
A bustling city, with so much to say.
The Golden Gate Bridge, the cable cars,
Brought back memories, like shooting stars.

Their trip was coming to an end,
But their relationship, had begun to mend.
They knew they had a long way to go,
But they were ready to take it slow.

As they drove back to their hometown,
They knew they'd never let each other down.
Their bond was stronger, like an oak tree,
Their brotherhood, for all eternity.

As their road trip came to a close,
They hugged each other, like two lost foes.
Tears rolling down, they felt the love,
That had been missing, like a lost glove.

Their journey had been more than just a trip,
It had been a journey, to heal and equip,
Their bond, for the rest of their lives,
As brothers, they'd always thrive.
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