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Tony is a delivery man but this time he does something unexpected during his delivery!
Tony is an ambitious young man who works as a delivery man in a pastry store during his summer vacation. He made sure to deliver the cake with a smile; on his face and to be friendly with customers to leave a good impression.

“Tony, kindly deliver this cake to Mrs. Wellington. I wrote the address on the receipt.” Lucy, the store owner, smiled as she gave Tony the cake with the receipt.
“Sure, Lucy.” Tony took the cake and left.

On his way to Mrs. Wellington, He could smell the freshly baked cake that his taste buds couldn’t resist. He arrived at the Wellingtons. He thought, “I wonder what occasion is this cake for?” He rang the bell, and Mrs Wellington opened the door.

“Come on, put the cake on the table, and I will get you your money.” Mrs. Wellington said as she looked into the receipt.

Mrs. Wellington pointed at the buffet in the dining room as she went upstairs. Tony put the cake on the buffet. He saw the delicious food that Ms Wellington prepared. It was full of different dishes, chicken, meat, fish, and salads. Tony couldn’t resist the smell. It looked so good to eat. He dipped his finger into the chicken soup, tasting it. He didn’t know that Mr. Wellington was watching him from the stairs, amused. Tony was so focused on how good the food was that he didn’t notice Mrs. Wellington running down the stairs toward him.

“Get out of my house!” Mrs. Wellington stormed in anger, kicking Tony out of the house.
“I am sorry! Mrs. Wellington, I promise. It won’t happen again.” Tony begged, but Mrs. Wellington threw the money at his face and closed the door.

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