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A love story for Capitalists

What's the haps.

Hey man

Writing a research paper

Nice how's it turning out

Economic prosperity is a lie manifest of the low-hanging fruit of re-industrialization in the West following the devastation of a European global conflict and propagated by the talking heads of broadcast media to grease the proverbial wheels by which the Capitalist class churn the economic labor-power of a country's people like so many millions and billions of cattle subsisting just to replicate suffering in perpetuity for the advantage of those living on the margins of our collective labor -- the monkeys who have transcended the highest canopies of our ancestral jungles and applied the same animalistic hierarchy of social order by way of exploitation and force.

And, it happens again and again until the harvest runs bare. Once again humanity -- life -- is pushed through an inevitable bottleneck as one cataclysm after another is guaranteed by the nature and ever-mounting complexity of life and the universe, infinitely vast and infinitely ambitious beyond its environment's means to subsist it. Until there is only what there was before.



It's going ok.



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