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Karma is just around the corner.
WC 285

Emil Ermentrout squirmed in the leather chair as Mr. Jasper looked over his resume.

“Mr. Ermentrout, I see here that you spent four years in the Marines. Correct?”


Emil Ermentrout hoped that Mr. Jasper would not continue asking questions on the topic. He had figured it was safe to put that bit of information in his application because he knew Mr. Jasper hadn't served. They had that in common.

Emil was very proud of himself for being so thorough in his research of Jasper Industries and its owner.

“I feel I'm a good fit for your company. I have experience with widgets, as you can see,” he said, deflecting.

“Yes, I can see that. Very impressive.”

Silence filled the room as Mr. Jasper continued his perusal of the form.

“Let's get back to your military service.”

Emil started to sweat.

“I was 4F myself, Mr. Ermentrout. My eyes. I regret that I didn't serve,” Mr. Jasper said, then continued with a fact Emil did not know.

“However, I'm from a family of Marines.”

Holy widgets!

“I don't mean to be accusatory, Mr. Ermentrout—”

“Emil, please.”

“Emil, I think you are lying on this application.”

“Why would you—”

“No, let me rephrase that. I know you're lying.”

Well, there goes another interview.

“Why would you say that sir?” Emil was sweating bullets now.

“Well, because you look more like an Army guy. No insult intended,” Mr. Jasper said, smiling.

“None taken.”

“Just kidding around, Emil.”

The interview continued…

Emil Ermentrout did get the job. He made widgets for Jasper Industries until that Christmas party when the Jasper family showed up, excited to meet this fellow Marine they had heard so much about.

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