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entry for the 23 skidoo contest 2023
1 Happy Birthday WDC.
2 This birthday I can clearly see,
3 happy times for you and me.
4 A party lasting days, wee!
5 This contest has a fee,
6 for submittance of an entry.
7 Accusations I am cheap there will be,
8 but my gift points are low don't you see.
9 I'll still pay the entry fee.
10 Happy Birthday WDC.
11 What a party this will be.
12 Yeah for 2023!
13 I hope another decade we will see!
14 Keep on keepin' on WDC!
15 Good things written by everybody.
16 What a great place to be.
17 It's the best site to see.
18 How much more fun could there be?
19 How many more rhymes can there be?
20 Enough to get to 23.
21 Happy birthday WDC.
22 Time for even more fun for me.
23 Byeee!

23 lines

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