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Silence can move a world or quiet an infant.
Is a word that is seen and not said.
Is a feather fluttering to the earth.
Quiet as a seed of fluff that floats through the air.
Silence is louder than a cannon before a powerful army.

The blind knows the silence of the night.
The deaf knows the permanence of peace.
The mute knows the labor of a silent word.
An unspoken word of terror and delight.

Silence is a snowflake resting on a blade of grass.
Or a drop of water running down a window pane.
Silence is a massive tree birthing in the ground.
Or it is quiet as a lazy warm afternoon.

Silence is a malevolent thought.
A soul that is screaming in terror.
Or a thought of sublime love.
Glacial and serene as the sun quietly rises above the horizon.

Silence is a learning tool.
A learning that transcends time.
Silence is power.
A power that is both covert and truthful.
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