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This little girl goes out in a forest after her dad said not to and gets lost.
"Lila come down to eat breakfast! " Yelled out her father. "I'm coming! " Lila said. Then she went down stairs and sat in her chair. "Mhh that smells good dad what are u making? " Said Lila. "Oh I'm making hash browns and bacon. " He sets down the plate on the table. "Dad can I go in the forest? " Her dad frozed. "You will not go in the forest to do u understand! " Said loudly. "Okay I won't! " Then Lila goes to school. After Lila got on the bus she was wondering why she can't go in the forest. Hours past and Lila gets dropped off at her house. "Mabey I should go in the forest? " Then she grabbed a water bottle and pop tarts and a jacket. "Here I go! " She runs in the forest then walks slowly. Hours past and it gets dark and she tries to turn on her flash light but she forgot to putt batteries in it! She starts to get cold while the cold breeze pass her as she putts her jacket on."I shouldn't of came here in the first place! " It gets darker as she can't see anything and then she crys her self to sleep. She wakes up in the middle of the night feeling something warm bye her. Then she turns and her heart beats fast as she doesn't know what's next to her then she screams as the creature runs away. Then she tries running away as fast as she can but trips on a branch and falls."Stay away from me! " She repeatedly said in fear. Then all she heard was"meow meow" Is that a cat? Then the creature goes up to her and then the sun comes up and she sees a gray cat rubbing on her. "Awww I thought u were a possom! " She started laughing as she hears people coming in the forest as multiple cats surround her and then she hears a radio. "LILA! " Screamed her father. "DAD! " Then a cop comes up to the little girl as the one gray cat starts hissing at the cop. "Calm down kitty" The cop said to the cat then he picked up Lila. "Where is my dad! " She yelled out! " Then she sees her dad with tears in his eyes. "DAD! " Then her dad runs up to her and gives her a hug and grabs her from the cops. "Don't ever go in the forest again! " The gray cat rubs on the dad as it purrs. "I could see you made many friends." Can we keep him! " No what after you've done you don't need a cat! " Please dad! " She cried out. "Okay okay fine we'll keep the cat then but what are you going to name the cat? " His name will be Brutes! " Then they all go inside and has a happy life. The End
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