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A girl has a dream of a place called Horse Land.
"Izzy do you wan't to pet the horses before you go to bed? " Izzy's mom Martha asked. "I would love to! " Said Izzy jumping up and down. "We'll then you better hurry up! " Said Martha smiling. Izzy runs outside and forgets to putt on her shoes and goes down the hill. "She she's a white horse she has never seen before. " Mr. Bob did u get a new horse? " Said Izzy. "Indeed I did! " Said Mr. Bob. " Well can I pett him? " Said Izzy. "Yes you may. " Before Izzy gets the chance to pet the new horse her mom calls out and says. "Izzy it's time to get inside and go to bed! "Aww man" Izzy said. "You always have a next time kiddo. " Izzy goes inside and putts on her pj's. When she lays in bed she looks at the moon and says. "I want to wake up in a horse land! " Sweetie go to bed! " Her mom said. Everyone falls asleep on that cold foggy night. Izzy wakes up with the birds chirping and when she putts her feet on the ground it feels cold. "Good morning mom! " But her mom wasn't there and there was no breakfast made. "Mom? " She looks in her mom's room and her mom isn't there. "She goes out side and see's the coolest thing! " There's 20 horses! " She runs down the hill with her pj's on and her sandles on and the cold air hits her face as her hair moves. "Is that the white horse? " She goes close to it but it runs away in the fence. Then she petts the black horse and feels it's soft nose then she petts the other horses but then as soon she tries to pett the white horse she. "Izzy it's time to get up and eat ur breakfast! " Said Martha. "Wait mom your here where were you? "Dear what are you talking about I was down stairs making breakfast? " She said in a confused tone. "Are you having those weird dreams again? " No I thought it was real I was about to pet the white horse! "Said Izzy. "Oh the new horse Mr. Bob got go pett it! " Izzy runs out and goes down the hill. "Mr.Bob can I go pett the white horse!? " You may sweetheart. "Said Mr. Bob. " She petts the white horse for the first time as she looks into its eyes. "You both have the same eye color blue. " Said Mr. Bob. "Oh we do! " Said Izzy. "Call your mom out here! "Will do Mr. Bob! " Izzy called out to her mom as her mom comes down to the fence. "Yes Mr. Bob? " Says Martha.He whispers into her ear. "We would love to! " Her mom called out! "So honey would you like to keep the white horse? "Really! " Her eyes filled with tears with happiness. "I would love to! " She stutters. "Okay then you can't forget to name the horse now." Said Mr. Bob. "His name will be Marshmello because she is a white horse! " Butiful name sweetie! " Said Martha. "Could I ride him! " Said Izzy. "Sure why not. " Said Mr. Bob. Izzy gets on Marshmello and starts riding. "This is the best gift I've ever got! " She yelled while riding him. The End
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