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by Naomi
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Happy Birthday To Me
Today Is My Birthday

A cold, windy and rainy day on September 16 , I was born in this wonderful world to my parents Mauro Timtim Abenido and Constancia Vergara Abenido as their fourth child and youngest daughter. I have three older sisters namely : Lindy, Helen and Evelyn or Eve. My three younger brothers are Nelson, Jerey ( in Heaven) and Eldie Boy.

I belong to a Music lover and a very happy family. Happy ,
because we live harmoniously, with meaning, with contentment, fulfillment as well as love and respect for each other .

I always believe that I live in this world to the fullest, meaning, I experienced the many aspects of living:
Joy and sorrow, love and heartache, problems and solutions, sickness and health, abundance and scarcity, friends and friends. Oh...the list is endless.

Miracles play a great role in my life. Papa and Mama told me that I died at the age of two. I was having a non-stop fever then I stopped breathing. The family and relatives of my paternal side gathered at home crying with Papa and Mama. Our Mama whose faith remains deeper than the deepest sea carried my lifeless body lifted me up,.higher and higher and shouted on top of her lungs:
" Mama Mary, please bring back my daughter !" She shouted the same words three times. Her prayer was granted. I CRIED ! She put back my crying self to the bed and everyone surrounded me with louder crying of joy believing that a miracle happened.

I grew up as a sickly child. I fainted a lot of times even when I was in grade school. My parents told me that I had Anemia, so they let me drank a glass of Tuba, coconut wine, everyday after meals. It was the freshly gathered tuba creamy in color and very sweet. They also let me eat three times a day this sweet potato leaves salad with cooked rice. They boiled the leaves, drain then add a bit of vinegar, a dash of salt and mixed with slices of tomatoes, onions and diced ginger. It worked for me and the fainting was getting lesser until I stopped fainting.

Mama was our first Home Economics teacher. I learned to do the household chores. My main assignment was doing the laundry that includes washing and ironing and folding it the right way. Each one of us has a.job assignment. I was also assigned to feed the goats, the pigs and the chickens. I was also in charged to set the table before meals and washed the dishes after meals, a work that I always love and enjoy. Our Home Sweet Home was well-organized as everyone cooperated.

Our Papa was a Papa so easy to love. He died last January 09, 2012 due to cancer. When he was alive, I always considered him as the man with the most beautiful smile.
All of his children inherited that most beautiful smile as well as the calmness of spirit.
He always reminded us to stay calm, never panic whatever the situation so we can have the right thinking on what is the best thing to be done when a problem or a crisis arises.
Our Mama was , is and always a disciplinarian with a heart.

Since I was a child I enjoy singing, reading and writing. It was my greatest desire to be a worlwide singer as well as a worldwide journalist. However, GOD has the best plans for me and I know deep in my heart that there is always a good reason for everything.

My sisters and my brothers are my best friends forever. I have many clothes and girly things as hand me downs from my three older sisters as well as plenty of books too. My brothers were my playmates as well as some cousins who were our neighbors too when I was a child. What we usually did was swimming and swimming and swimming as we live near the sea.

I am blessed to have two most beautiful big hands and I kiss my hands most of the time thanking and always believing the famous words : The nicest hands are those who do.

Sensing the meaning of my very own existence, enlightens me about other's value as well . This knowledge fosters love, respect and acceptance of another's unique existence.

Every birthday of mine I always Thank The Most High for the road stretching before me looks long and will often be rocky. I'll inch along at times but when I remember my value, my unique necessity to the whole, the rocks will easily be sidestepped and my pace quickens.

Today is my birthday and as I breath deeply the realization of my meaning today, that I have a purpose, that I am needed and being appreciated by the people I cross-path as I continue my awesome journey with a smile and to keep on singing the songs of my heart as I recognize everyone's value too.

On my birthday today, I thank The Most High for my husband Lito, my daughter Attorney Cathy, my grandson, the good boy Luis and the home sweet home in which we dwell including the food on our table and the many blessings and for everything.

I wish to Thank The Most High too for my parents, my brothers and sisters and their respective spouses and families, my in -laws Anamarie and Kitz and their respective families too, to my dearest relatives all around that i always love, to friends near or far making this birthday of mine so very precious.

The last but not the least, I wish to thank Writing. Com. wherein I focused my full attention in reading and writing inspite of the excruciating Neuralgia Nerve stabbing and burning pain on my left side lowest ribs diverting my attention to what I am reading and writing rather than feeling the pain moment to moment , day by day.

Talking about being Happy on my Birthday, let me write a few lines about Happiness;
" Happiness is not about being perfect. It is about accepting myself for who I am, accepting my flaws. Happiness is not about having everything that I want. It is about appreciating what I have. As i focus in the good things of my life, I am most likely to be happy."
Yes !
Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
To me.

How Young Am I ?
Make the Right Guess and I give you an enormous amount of gift points.
Life is Great..
Thank You Lord for Everything.
Praise GOD...AVE MARIA !

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