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I have a mental illness this is a mental illness health
Up set embarrassed I can't face
The world today
I don't want no friends to come my way
I could play a game of basketball
Just want to be able to stand tall
Emotions come and go just like waves in the sea if I can take as they roll in
Then I will learn to be free yeah
I'm putting in the effort and
I'm learning how to be a good friend to me
Momentarily I'm out of my mind
I feel like I could be going blind
Even though she makes me faint
When she's around
I could catch a ride and see the town
I feel so hollow , feel so hollow as I feel it in my chest
As it tore me apart left me emotionless
Let your sorrow turn into a laugh
Don't listen to the voices inside your head
Talk to your friends and don't forget to take your meds

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