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A Gynarchy government could make further changes to society.
Cassandra walked down the sidewalk making sure she didn't raise her burka too high. Through the netting, she saw two women approaching. She stepped off the sidewalk and into the grass, curtsying as they passed. All the women saw was her bobbing down, as males were not to be seen or heard in public. It was decided by the all-female and male-to-female transgender government that males had nothing to say worth hearing from the women.
Because their respiratory system was considered too weak to handle unfiltered air they mandated full-time veiling for all males. Also, because this included weaker membranes in their eyes, and ears, and the heightened chance of passing germs from their hands, burkas, abayas and niqabs, and gloves were mandated full-time outdoors. In the house, they could wear floor-length dresses with stand-up collars and long sleeves, gloves, and veiled with the minimum covering the nose and mouth. This was determined by the female guardian who owned them. In the house, many preferred the harem slave girl look because it was the male fantasy, just like the French Maids. Many cleaning companies used French Maid uniforms for their male workers.
Cassandra's guardian preferred the harem slave girl look in the house. She used her discretion about Cassie's respiratory system and allowed her to have uncovered areas. Her clothing her guardian allowed her to wear was a bra-type bolero top with sheer flutter sleeves, a sheer ankle-length skirt attached to satin panties, a sheer half-face veil, and an ankle-length overhead veil, secured with a forehead chain and the annoying pendant that swung between her eyes.
When Cassandra entered the store the door greeter stopped her and took her shopping list her guardian gave her. She directed Cassandra to a veiled cage and locked her in. An attendant to shop for males picked up the items and handed them to Cassandra. Males were not to be trusted and that is why they have the veiled ones' cages, names to show disrespect as some Arabs call women "veiled ones."
The woman unlocked her cage, saying, "Okay veiled one, go straight home. The time is on the receipt. Your guardian will know if you dawdled. Be a good girl and hurry along now."
Cassandra took the items when she was freed from the cage and headed straight home.
Her guardian followed her to the barred harem door separating the free female side of the house from the male slave girl harem side, and locked it after her.
"Cassie sweetie, you did good. Maybe tonight I'll call you to my bed.
Cassandra had removed the burka and stood before her in her harem slave girl outfit. She curtsied, knowing not to speak unless spoken to.
"You may speak, dear veiled one. Would that please you?"
Cassandra curtsied and said, "Oh yes! That would please me greatly ma'am."
Cassandra curtsied and started putting away the groceries. This was a twisted life living in a harem as a harem slave girl. But, at least her guardian loved her and gave her a lot of freedom.
They were both learning to live with it.
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