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Awards and recognition I want to remember
Awards/recognition I have received in 2023.

Good Deeds reviewing 3rd place. Won $10 cash and received a physical pin in the mail.

Hook contest 1st place

Ranked #12 Public Reviewer for the month of September 2023. For more details, please see "Reviewing @ Writing.Com".

10/19/23 Newsletter Editor's Pick

Ribbons: Pink from Lilli commending personal story about my breast cancer. Blue from Dave Ryan for reviewing his book "My Girdle is Too Tight"

10/2023 #14 Most credited reviewer. #12 Most active reviewer. #15 Most active rater.

End of October 2023= Total 70 Merit Badges since 3/31/2016

October 30 2023 Newsletter: Letter to the editor reply published: From tracker-boo!: It was a wild anniversary week. I participated here and there. I found almost too much was going on. It kept my head spinning. I had a hard time deciding what to do or write. I was trampled by those jumping at the chance to submit their writing. How did I miss being able to give a free MB for seven days? I hope I will be better prepared next year. Good newsletter, Jace. Congrats and thanks.
Editor's reply: Thanks. WDC's festivities sure do make one's head spin.

Breast Cancer Awareness Contest: The message included is:
Thank you for your participation in the "Breast Cancer Awareness Review Challenge"! Kindest Regards, Lilli

November 2023 Short Story Newsletter Editor's Pick

November 3, 2023, The message included is:
Ranked #14 Public Reviewer for October 2023. For more details, please see "Reviewing @ Writing.Com" Received reviewing badge

November 22, 2023 Spiritual Newsletter "When Will We Ever Learn?"
Linda talks with Elaine about current events. What have we learned from the past?
by (143)
EXCERPT: “Can you send me the thread, I can’t find it,” said my cousin Elaine. She was calling for the second time in four days. I had my sewing box on the nightstand. I left the lid off intending to finish the dress for my antique doll. Elaine, I thought. She was always losing things.

November 29, 2023 Issue [#12297] Drama newsletter
Editor's pick: The Ranch

November 29, 2023 Issue Short Stories Newsletter
Editor's pick: When Will We Ever Learn

December 9, 2023
Gift Points Email Header [#158341]
The gift points header img *Smile*The gift points header img *Smile*
From: "PWheeler's Community Contest Bank"

Amount: 3,000 Gift Points

Congratulations on winning Honorable Mention with your poem in the 2023 edition of "Thankful Poetry Contest" ! I'm thankful for you and your poem and hope you'll enter again next year. May every blessing be upon you and your loved ones. *Hug1**Smile**Hug2* *Hearto* *Flowery*

12/10/23 You're awesome! I honestly was so surprised that I almost fell over. I did think of you and the comments you sent me the other day, and to win was so special. *Bigsmile*
Thank you for the note. You're the best. *Heart*

Editor's Pick "The Ranch" in 12/27/23 Drama Newsletter

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