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My friend and member of WdC passed away from cancer 5/2/2017 This is my tribute to her.
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Dear Ann aka Freewind aka Freewind Gingerblaze,

It has been six years and I still miss you like crazy. I always looked forward to our phone calls discussing poetry, literature, and what it means to be an author. You opened up my eyes to appreciate poetry. I had a hard time understanding imagery and references that made no sense. You set me straight.

I bet you were surprised when I started writing some poetry. When I texted you and I would wait anxiously for your feedback. You finally taught me to be confident with what I created. You talked about your adopted city New Orleans, Louisiana. Hurricane Katrina took everything except your cat. You stopped fleeing in East Texas. We started planning a trip to meet in New Orleans. I have always regretted that not working out. Your southern accent was very strong. I didn't quite catch everything you said because you talked so fast. I heard you clearly via text.

Thank you for introducing me to WdC. I am sorry I did not become more active while you were alive. You suggested this was not a place for a casual writer like me. I did come back from time to time though. Especially after you died. I just wanted to read your work over and over. I did not save your work at the other diary site where we met. Open Diary was resurrected from the ashes the year after you died. As of September 2023, I seldom return there. I came back here the year after you died. Some of our old friends are at other sites. I did refer 5 people from there and they all opened accounts here. One of them remains active here. She is writing about her weight loss journey.

I have copies of the five books you published. You were right that they chose a tiny font for printing. I ordered extra copies for my oldest granddaughter who loves to write. I should have taken you up on sending them to you for your autograph. I treasure all of them.

I am sorry I was not able to get you a white case here. They needed paperwork I was not able to obtain. I think your portfolio will just remain. You are not taking up much room. But wow, you were a giant in my eyes as my mentor and my dear friend.

Rest in Peace, Ann. I shall join you someday soon.


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