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writers cramp entry for 10/20/23
Alright it's time to write.
Be sure you know what to say.
Clear wording is important.
Doing a good job is mandated.
Everyone will read this and applaud.
Forget that it actually sucks.
Good writing is subjective
Having the right words is paramount.
In poetry, every syllable counts.
Just throwing words together doesn't work.
Killing time is not a good reason to write a poem.
Letters must follow each other as real words.
Many poems don't measure up.
Not everyone can be a poet.
Optimally you focus on carving lines carefully.
Playing with letters and words just doesn't work.
Quite the opposite it can sink a poem.
Really I don't think this is a good poem.
Still, I am trying.
Too many words used to say so little.
Using letters at random doesn't work.
Very bad poetry is coming.
When this poem, ends I think I'll cry.
Xylophones make more sense.
Yeah, that was a stretch.
Zero things rolling through my head now.

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