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These are the literary devices I will use in my 2023 NaNo novel
Plot Twist: One of those will be when Icerna finds out her niece Lysandra is against the resistance and would rather live her life under the darkness of Shadowbane’s regime.

Another plot twist will involve Seraphin, who has in service to Shadowbane for decades. He will eventually come to the side of the resistance in a strange twist of events.

Foreshadowing: There will be foreshadowing when Icerna thinks back to Aelar and wishes he was there with her now to launch this coup against Shadowbane. While Icerna says, on the surface, that he left her, readers will get the idea there was something amiss with him leaving.
Poetic justice: Of course, the good guys win in the end and Shadowbane is overthrown. In an act of altruism, they banish him from the land rather than send him to the dungeon.

Red herring: This will happen when something (yet to be determined) makes it seem as though Seraphin has gone back to fighting for Shadowbane after he is finally allowed into the resistance (also need to figure out what this is called - resistance, rebellion, something better) and they start to trust him. The trust will seem misplaced, but then he will redeem himself and show his hand, revealing the entire plan that actually works to help the resistance.
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