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Flash fiction contest entry.
A Thorny Landing (300 words)

After two hours of wandering around the dark and dusty library at the top of the wizard’s tower, Dilby had to admit he was lost. The library was a literal maze, and he’d forgotten to collect a map on the way in.

Ancient tomes lined the shelves, mocking him as he passed: “You’ll never get out,” they seemed to say, “never graduate or become a wizard!”

In a panic, he began opening every door in sight, desperate to escape.

The first one he opened revealed a giant book chained to the floor, which screamed at him. He thought, “Nope,” and swiftly moved on.

The next door was decorated with stars. He twisted the handle and it flew open, followed by a burst of dragon fire. The smell of his burning eyebrows made him nauseous as he ran away.

As if by magic a door appeared with a giant “EXIT” sign stuck to it. Dilby swung it open and leaped through, only to find himself crashing into a broom cupboard. “This place is cursed,” he thought.

Then another thought came to him.

He grabbed a broomstick.

Taking off his oversized robes, he tied them to both ends of the broomstick, fashioning a sort of parachute contraption. He mounted it and, wearing nothing but his underpants, shuffled towards the nearest stained-glass window.

“Gods be good,” he said, pushing open the window, jumping out.

“Yaaaaa….” Air rushed into his baggy robes, inflating them and slowing his fall.


It was a beautiful spring afternoon when Archmage Crumble, taking his lunch break in the rose garden, saw a first-year fall from the sky and land in a rose bush. The student appeared to be testing out a kind of broomstick parachute thingy.

“Kid's got style,” the Archmage remarked. “Not sure about the underpants, though.”

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