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by Sky
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This happened to me recently, fake friends and drama :)
She was with me when they were in their own world
We were young, I was naïve, I trusted her
She warned me about the betraying ones
And protected me when they used to lure

Growing up she still stuck to me
She'd been there when I was lost on the inside
She 'shared her feelings' about the untrustworthy
And I trusted her and let her guide

I started to hate everyone she hated
I started to blame everyone she hated

But little did I know, it was a trap
That I was just a weapon for her envious self
Little did I know she was jealous of a friendship
And turned me against them herself

She ruined friendships with her envy
Confronting her, blamed me for her mistakes
False accusations pierced my heart with betrayal
I learned to never fall for any story she makes

She told me to stay away from the betraying ones
So I should have stayed away from her when I was warned
For I actually cared to listen
When all she cared about was her selfish mission

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