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by Sky
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I wrote this long back, wanted to see if you guys like it. It's fictional
His dark eyes shone
The moonlight hugged him
He stood tall as the winds were blown
He really looked like a dream

His cold, pale lips creeped out a smile
His congeal eyes never left the sea ahead
I shivered beside him staring ahead a mile
But he stayed still, face pale and eyes red

I looked at him, and he did too
I can't believe I fell in love with those eyes
His face grew paler, his smile grew
Then he fell to the ground, under the dark skies

I shook my head and I stared at him
Wait, where did he disappear?
I looked around, was he really a dream?
Who was he? Where was he? The questions I fear

Alone I stood near the waving dark sea
Accept it, he never was there, just a disguise
But I had loved him, and so had he
I just sigh and close my eyes
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