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My first travel essay(Spain & Portugal) in English.
As many WDcers knew, me and my father traveled Spain and Portugal from Nov.10 to 20.(6 days 9 nights trip)
Me and my father reached at Incheon International Airport at about 7:30 PM, ate dinner and met travel guide at about 8:30 PM.
Because flight to Helsinki was 11:00 PM, we went through the departure process hurry and met travel mates in this trip. However our travel team rode one flight to Helsinki, Finland and travel began.

Transferred Helsinki to Málaga, Spain by Finair, finally our travel team reached Malaga, Spain.(About 13 hours and 5 hours flight).

Day 1: Malaga → Ronda → Granada.
Visiting places: Nuevo bridge(Ronda) and Albaicin historical district(Granada)
In Malaga airport, our travel team found their own luggage and travel bus with guide. Leaving Malaga airport, we introduced our travel bus driver and guide's name officially. Because of travel variety program "Grandpa over flowers" in Spain, Ronda was familiar place. In Ronda, we saw and heard narration from guide about Nuevo bridge and Ronda, had a chance to look around this city.

After visited Ronda, our team went to Albaicin historical district in Granada. Not the Alhambra straight. Nevertheless viewing the Alhambra palace from Albaicin historical district was beautiful and great. Every where in Albaicin and "Miradora" views were beautiful but specially the view from "Miradora de San Nicolas" was great. People from around the globe came there and watched the Alhambra palace at near sunset.

Day 2: Granada → Sevilla
Visiting places: The Alhambra palace and around, Sevilla Cathedral
Because of great guitar song and Korean drama "Memories of the Alhambra", me and our travel team looked around this Alhambra place with curiosity and bright eyes. Together with local guide's commentary, our team "safely" watched.

In Sevilla, after we looked Tumba De Cristobal Colon(Christopher Columbus' tomb) and others at Sevilla Cathedral and La Giralda, did 4-person carriage tour for around Sevilla. Of course, some Spanish students and international tourists watched and photoed us until reached the end of Maria Louse park. Also this experience helped me how to describe carriage's movement and feelings.

Day 3: Sevilla → Lisbon → Obidos → Fatima(Portugal)
Visiting places: Sol square, Tower of Belem, Monastery of Hieronymites, Cabo da Roca, Obidos castle and streets, Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima

Now our team left Sevilla and went to Lisbon, Portugal.
When we arrived Lisbon at lunch time, other Korean travel team came already and overlapped time at one restaurant, rode Portuguese electronic tuk-tuk and looked around Lisbon roughly.

After looked around Lisbon and ate lunch, went to see Miradouro das Portas do Sol, Tower of Belem(outside) and Monastery of Hieronymites(outside). However I ate one egg tarte from Monastery.

The end of Europe, Cabo da Roca was great. It was worth to see. Different to see from TV.
While I visited Fatima, I had other purpose. Because I have one Mexican pen-pal friend, did pilgrimage for her.

Day 4: Fatima → Toledo(Spain) → Madrid
Visiting places: Around Toledo and Toledo Gran cathedral

By one small tour train called as Zoco-tren, we looked around Toledo with Korean narration. Also watched Toledo Gran Cathedral and El Entierro del Conde de Orgaz.(El Greco's one great paint)

Madrid night tour.: Puerta del Sol(City Hall, Kilometer Zero, the statues of the bear and Carlos III and so on....)

Day 5: Madrid → Zaragoza
Visiting places: Prado Museum, Plaza de Mayor and Spain, Pilar square and Nuestra Senora del Pilar Basilica(Pilar Grand Cathedral)

One of my wishes was seeing Prado Museum and it came true. Also I saw the statue of Cervantes with Don Quixote and Sancho Panza at Plaza de Spain. As a amateur internet writer, seeing the statue of Cervantes was an honor.

When our tram arrived at Zaragoza, it was a night. So hard to see inside of Pilar Grand Cathedral.

※ Prado Museum and Pilar Grand Cathedral prohibits photo inside.

Day 7: Zaragoza → Barcelona
Visiting places: Abadia de Montserrat, Parque Güell and Templo Expiatorio de la Sagrada Familia

After leaving Zaragoza, we visited Montserrat and Montserrat abbey. But because of watching time, we couldn't see "Black Maria" statue.
However it costed to see Parque Guelle and Sagrada Familia at Barcelona.
Barcelona night tour. : Las Ramblas: Ramblas street, La Boqueria; Boqueria Market, Royal Plaza and Gothic district

※ Advice: In Barcelona, it's enough to see Gaudi's works.

Day 8: Barcelona → Inchoen
Left Barcelona airport at the dawn- morning and reached Helsinki through about 3- 4 hours flight and transferred to Inchoen with about 10 hours flight.

Spain's problem:
While we were traveling, good news was Latin Grammy 2023 in Sevilla but bad news was Spain writhed with his body by chronic disease. It's Catalonia independence. During the trip, I watched Spanish CNN 24h at every morning and night(even I can speak Spanish little bit), it became serious problem. Conflict between Independent and Unification in some places in Madrid and other Spanish cities compared with 1980s S.Korean demo. Also I watched some people who preparing demo while Madrid trip at one afternoon.
And it connected with Spanish politic, So Pedro Sanches became prime minister. But he had to get enough vote with Catalonia Independence party. We don't know yet but every Spanish political commentators talked about that it will be a big problem for Pedro Sanches.

Ah, speaking travel county's language shortly gave good impression to that people. To me, speaking little Spanish was get some add points to many Spanish people. So learn any foreign language. Even I saw "English center" and "Language school" in Spain. Also English couldn't work at non-travel places.
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