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A girl and boy who have been parted for 300 years and reunite. But do they?
It was my first day of school at Riverview high when we became friends, all the others didn’t want to come anywhere near me, but he didn’t mind. He never called me loser or spaz, instead he liked me for who I was. After that my life changed forever.

My mum walked through the door blabbering over the phone. When she saw me, her face lit up in the biggest grin ever.
“…Oh, dear me I forgot to ask if you were coming around soon?” she paused a moment as her friend answered. “Okay then Tiff, see you soon. I will tell her. See you.” She hung up the phone placing it on the counter. The corners of her mouth lifted up slightly as she looked at me with her warm brown eyes the colour of chocolate buttons.
“Guess what?” she asked excitement hinted in her voice, but when I didn’t answer, she carried on. “You’re going to a new school tomorrow!” she ran her thin fingers through her short auburn hair the same shade as mine. I shrugged not exactly caring about it and knowing that nothing good will come out of it. She looked at me in mock disappointment.
“You’re making that face again mum.” I said before I could help myself. She narrowed her eyes at me debating whether or not I’m really her child.
“Tell me where my little girl went. Why are you not excited?” she moved towards me her arms wide enough to fit a sixteen-year-old girl. I stepped out of the way not wanting to be touched by anyone. Puzzled she put her arms down by her sides and smiled again.
“Oh okay, never mind then I won’t hug you I promise. By the way Tiffany was just telling me how her son was starting high school, and she wanted to know if you would like to walk to school with him?” she sat down on one of the chairs and looked up at me. “What do you say?” she asked as I played with the hem of my sleeve.
“Yeah, does he drive?” I asked. she shook her head, as I held my breath only to let it out again. “Okay then, tell Tiffany that I could pick him up and we could become friends if he wants to.” I moved towards the door wanting to get out of the conversation, but she wasn’t done.
“Also, I ordered some clothes for you they should be here soon. So, you can get rid of those things you’re wearing.” She gestured to my clothes. I looked down confused What’s wrong with my clothes? I asked myself as I moved a few steps to the door. I took a deep breath and smiled before retreating out of the room. I dashed up the stairs and into my bedroom closing the door behind me before jumping onto my bed.

The following morning, I woke up to find my closet open with clothes I had never seen before, spilling out.
“Do you like them?” my mum asked from the doorway. I looked at her in confusion wondering why I need clothes that show half my skin. But all she does is smile as she backed out of the room humming to herself.
I hesitated before getting out of my bed to get dressed. As I reached the open doors, I noticed how the clothes consisted mainly of black. I pulled out a pair of black parachute joggers and a sleeved black crop top before closing the doors. I got dressed, applying some mascara and lip-gloss before walking out to the landing only to find out that my mum had left for work.
I headed down the stairs and made myself a sandwich and a glass of orange juice. Once I finished, I started towards the front door grabbing my car keys and bag checking I had everything before heading out. As I got into my car, my phone started to ring. I took it out of my pocket to see that it was my ex-boyfriend.
“Hello?” I asked confused why he was calling me.
“Hey, I heard you were going to another school. Mind if I ask where?” his voice was warm and husky.
“Yeah, Riverview high. Why would you want to know?” I put my phone up against my shoulder as I backed out of the drive.
“Same, my mum said someone was coming to pick me up because I haven’t got a car yet, I wonder who it is.” I froze in surprise as my phone pinged.
“Hang on a minute.” I said as I looked to see that my mum had sent me a house address.
“Uhm, what’s your house address?” I asked curious. He laughed before answering me.
“546 Holland Road, why?” I look back to the address I was sent and gasped.
“Alright, I’ll be there in twelve minutes see you soon.” I said before hanging up the phone and placing it back in my pocket. As I turned a corner, I noticed an old woman selling flowers. I stopped my car and bought a bouquet for my mum.
When I turned the last corner, I saw Jayden standing outside his house. He turned around and when he saw me, he smiled and waved. He opened the passenger side and got in, I mumbled a ‘ready’ and started the car.
“This is a coincidence, isn’t it?” Jayden asked looking at me with deep blue eyes. I just nod not in the mood for questions, especially with my ex-boyfriend.
“Look, I know that what I did was wrong okay? But can we still be friends?” I nodded only slightly before looking at him in the face taking in his olive toned skin and tousled brown hair. But those eyes were what really gave me butterflies.
“Okay then. Well keep your eyes on the road or else you’re going to hit that cat over there.” he pointed out the window and I turned back to the road. But there was no cat to be seen. Typical Jayden. I thought as I smiled to myself.
As I drove into the parking lot of the school, I noticed that people were staring at my car as we went by. I looked around for a parking space and found one nearest to the school doors.
“Seriously can’t we be a little bit late by parking over there at the back instead of being on time freaks?” Jayden cried. I rolled my eyes in his direction. He laughed as we got out of the car and the next thing, I know girls and boys were looking full on in our direction.
“One thing about this school is that these people do stare at newbie’s a lot aren’t I right?” Jayden turned back to me when he got bored staring at half the school staring at us.
“Yep, by the way we might want to check in quickly at the office, so we know what classes we are in.” I said heading off in the direction of the office from what I memorised of the map I was sent of the school.
Jayden followed behind groaning when we stood on the steps of the building.
“Okay so, what is going to happen here is that you are going to be really nice to them and not at all moody. Got that?” I asked turning back to face my ex directly in the face. He nodded once before opening the door gesturing me inside as he said, ‘ladies first’. The room was small and warm with a little desk at the back. a woman sat behind it her white, blond hair falling into her face as she looked up from her work. When she smiled wrinkles showed on her face making her seem old. She had ancient green eyes that searched my face as I smiled nudging Jayden to do the same thing.
“Who may you be?” the woman asked her voice thick and papery like old parchment.
“I’m Liana Roberts and this is Jayden Smith.” I said feeling a little awkward in the room.
“Ahh, yes, the new students I was told about. Oh, uh here are your schedules. And here are your dorm rooms for next year.” She handed over four pieces of paper. After thanking the woman Jayden walked out the door and just as I was about to follow the woman cleared her throat.
“Dear, I have a letter for you from principle Bartley. Here you are.” She handed me a piece of paper folded neatly in four parts. I thanked the woman again before walking out of the office only to stop on the steps to read the note, which was in a neat handwriting.
It said:

Dear Liana Roberts,
I know that you were brought to this school on such short notice but, your mother and I needed you to be in a school or else there would have been a fine for her.
So, please don’t mess this school year up because your mother would really like to see you graduate at the school she went to when and couldn’t graduate at when she was your age.

Yours sincerely,
Principle Bartley.

I put away the note and read over my schedule. I headed to my new English class only to bump into Mr. Bartley on the way. He smiled warmly and I couldn’t help but smile back.
“Hello Miss Roberts, have a good day, will you?” He asked his beady blue eyes searching my face. He was an ugly man, with spots all over his face with a ginormous wart near his mouth. He walked off down the hall leaving me confused.
As I opened the door to the classroom I was hit with silence as every eye came upon me. I stood, awkward when the teacher turned her head and muttered to herself. II felt as though I was a sheep caught in a pack of wolves. I shivered at the thought.
“Everybody, we have a new student, Liana Roberts. Please go and sit at the back near Raven.” The teacher echoed, as I started towards the seat I was assigned to.
As I sat down, the teacher turned back to the board she was working on continuing with her class as though she introduced students every day.
I looked over at Raven and noticed that she was covered from head to toe in green apart from her white sneakers.
The lesson went by quickly. When the bell rang me, and Raven made our way to the cafeteria. All the while I could feel the eyes of passing students upon me. then we were joined by Jayden who showed us to a table at the back of the room.
I had a feeling that Raven liked Jayden because every time I looked in her direction, she was always staring at him. which sent anger burning through my veins. As this was happening an unfamiliar girly voice spoke.
“Oh, you must be lily and Jayden. I’m Amaria Brown. It’s nice to meet you.” A girl said with
“Actually, it’s not Lily, it’s Liana.” I said. I stared at Amaria and smiled sweetly.
"Okay." She smiled back before walking off to a table near the door where she leaned over a boy whispering and pointing at me.
“Oh, well isn’t that nice?” Raven said in a strange voice. I gave her an odd look, but she just shrugged.
I stood up mumbling an excuse that I needed to go to the restroom. As I moved towards the entrance, Amaria and her gang were watching me with curious eyes. I walked through the doors and headed of down the hall to the female toilets. As I reached the end of the hall to turn the corner, I noticed a black figure standing near the door to the female bathroom. I approached the person and saw that it was male. I cleared my throat, and he turned around to look at me. everything seemed to stop in time at that exact moment as his grey green eyes sought mine. Why does he look so familiar? I asked myself as I carried on looking at him. He smiled, then laughed a pleasant sound as he took a step towards me, familiarity shining in his eyes.
“Hey, you’re that new girl I was told about. Liana isn’t it?” he asked his voice was soft and angelic. My heart missed two beats as he took another step towards me until we were a few inches apart. He was tall with mahogany brown hair that fell just shy of his shoulders. He had a darker pale tone to my albino white. He looked like an angel compared to the other boys with his stark blue eyes, making him look mysterious.
“Uh, yeah I am.” I answered, still wanting to know where I’ve seen him.
“Have we met before?” we both said at the same time, right before we started laughing. We stopped laughing back to staring again, then he opened his mouth to speak.
“By the way, my names Harvey Jones. It’s really nice to meet you. Hopefully we could be friends.” He said before walking off to the cafeteria where Amaria was standing, glaring at me. She ran her finger across her throat after Harvey kissed her on the cheek and started to drag her away with him, then, they were gone. I stared after them wanting to go and tell Harvey that I would love to be his friend. But I couldn’t bring myself to do it, and I didn’t want to cross paths with Lucia any more than I had today. I turned around and headed of down the hall to my 2nd period which was Maths. As I reached out my hand to open the door, I felt a presence behind me and turned to see Mr Bartley staring down at me. He smiled sweetly, opening the door to the classroom beckoning me to go right on in. Strange. I thought to myself wearily. I walked over to the teachers desk to see where I should sit, when Mr Bartley held up his hand and cleared his throat.
“Miss Roberts will not attend maths today. So sorry Mr Loss, but her mother needs her home at the moment. She is very sick.” He turned to me giving me a pitiful look. Then he whisked me away, out of the main entrance to the little office, where I was made to sit on one of the chairs.
I looked around the little room before smiling mentally to myself. Finally, I get to leave school early. Wait what about my car? I turn to Mr Bartley who was talking to the receptionist at the little desk.
“Mr Bartley? What about my car?” I asked, my mind racing with so many possibilities of what could happen.
“Oh, don’t worry, you can drive yourself home. I was just signing you out there. You can go now by the way.” He said turning back to the woman. I stood up and walked out the door, to the little parking lot where I found Harvey leaning against a black BMW which so happened to be my car.
“Hey Harvey, what are you doing here?” I asked as I came into his view of sight. He smiled as I came forward.
“I could ask you the same thing.” He leaned down and pecked me on the cheek, his lips soft against my skin. When he straightened himself, he looked at the direction over my head horror showing in his eyes. I turned around only to find Amaria standing there, glaring at me with eyes so dark that a shiver ran through my body. I smiled hoping to ease the tension, but she wasn’t having it. She narrowed her eyes and smiled back. Her smile was bitter and cold giving me goose bumps. I turned back to Harvey.
“Look, I’m going home now so just stay here with your crazy girlfriend. Okay?” I asked as I opened my car door getting in. He watched after me as I pulled out of the parking space and headed out the school gate, on my way home.

When I opened the front door I called out, but no reply came. I had only went a few steps when a siren sounded from outside my house, then a knock sounded on the front door. I opened the door to find two men in paramedic uniform. The first one had longish brown hair with bright ocean blue eyes, around the age of 18 or 19. The other one was a burly middle-aged man with a bald head, bright blue eyes, and a black beard. The younger one smiled at me sadly before opening his mouth.

“Hi there, are you- do you live here?” he asked, I nodded before he carried on. “Very well then, are you the owner or the daughter of the owner?” He asked again.

“No, I’m the daughter of the owner.” I said opening the door a little wider to let them through. They came in, nodding in thanks. I shut the door behind them.

“Do you want anything to drink or eat?” I asked as they took seats. They shook their heads frowning slightly.

“Do you mind showing us your parents room please.” The middle aged one asked. I pointed to the stairs before turning back to them in suspicion.

“Why do you want to see where my mum’s room is?” I stood up walking to the stairs not seeing if they were following me. I made my way up the steps to the landing where I stopped and turned seeing both men following me.

“We got called by someone who was saying that there was a person not breathing so we had to come quickly.” Said the young one opening the door I was standing next to. He peered in and shook his head mumbling ‘not in here’ before starting off down the hall to where my mums room is. The older man followed him into the room. I reluctantly followed. I walked into the room and fell to my knees a bloodcurdling scream ripping from my body as I watched the two men check my mother for a pulse then shaking their head and muttering when they couldn’t feel for anything.
Both men looked in my direction with sad eyes, as they lifted my mums body of the bed putting her on the stretcher they had sorted out. I stood up and walked over to the stretcher sitting down on my knees, the hard floor cold against my bare knees as I took hold of my mums pale hand and held it to my face. I kissed the cold pale flesh, before putting it with her other hand on her chest. I stood and wiped at the tears that streaked down my face to drop on the floor.
The men looked at each other before taking the stretcher out of the room and down the stairs. The last thing I heard was the front door shut behind them, then the sound of a big vehicle’s engine starting only to disappear when it vanishes around the corner.
I slumped against the wall bringing my knees up to my chest, making sure my hair surrounded my face as I cried until I finally fell asleep.

I woke up an hour later, and noticed that I was in an unfamiliar room, whose walls were covered in football jerseys from the schools football team ‘sharks’ I sat up my forehead banging against someone else’s head.

“Owww!” I yelped as my head hit the soft pillows. I opened my eyes rubbing at my forehead, to see Harvey doing the same thing while staring at me with loving eyes, that look so familiar as though I hadn’t just met him today at school. He was smiling, that blindingly gorgeous smile that could make every girl swoon yet gives me butterflies.

“Hey, where am I?” I asked looking around at the small boys room.

“Well, I followed you home then I saw the ambulance there outside the front. I’m sorry Liana, I saw your mum on the stretcher, then I went into the house and found you sleeping against a wall in your mums room. Then I brought you here in my bed.” He stopped talking looking at me with the same look the paramedics gave me before walking out the house. “Liana, me, and my mum went to see your mum in the hospital, but she wasn’t there. we asked around and a nurse said she was… taken down to the morgue. I’m sorry but she’s dead.” He bowed his head, and I noticed the tears dropping down onto the Ravenclaw duvet. I laughed sadly, and he looked up in confusion.
I pointed at his quilt and laughed again.

“You don’t seem the sort of person who likes Harry Potter.” I said as I stood up from the bed moving to the place where Harvey sat laughing, his beautiful brown hair falling into his eyes, as he grabbed my hand tracing intricate patterns.
I sat on his lap as we spoke for hours and hours when a harsh knock sounded on the door. We sat there quiet looking at the door as a cold, girly voice called out.

“You can’t hide forever Liana, this is only just a dream, Harvey doesn’t care about you. In fact, you weren’t even here to begin with. You’re a nobody Liana Roberts. Your father left you, you have no one to go to but your mum. This is all a dream.” It said. I looked to Harvey for answers but there was no one there but a big black hole. I looked around the room, but it was all black, no shark football jersey from the Riverview High School. My whole world was just pitch black.

I woke up the next day to find my mum standing over me smiling. Her auburn hair shining golden red in the sunlight. Her warm brown eyes glinting with excitement. She opened her mouth to speak but I was already to it.

“I’m going to a new school.” I said. She looked at me with an odd look before nodding and smiling again. She looked at her watch, then back at me. I sighed and nodded. I knew what she meant with that look. She had to go to work but didn’t want to leave me home all alone. She stood up smoothing her skirt to perfection before turning to the mirror applying a bit of gloss to her lips.

“Hope you have fun dear. Oh, almost forgot.” She looked at me through the mirror before continuing. “My friends son is going to come and meet you in about thirteen minutes.” She said. then she looked at her watch and ran out the door waving at me on her way out. I stayed in bed until I heard the front door shut and her engine turn on, only to vanish the second it started.
I jumped out of the bed and got dressed, running down the stairs into the living room. I looked out the window to see a boy walking up the road. Thirteen minutes huh? More like three seconds. I thought to myself as he made his way to my doorstep. He knocked on the door three times before I opened it. He had mahogany brown hair that reached shy of his shoulders, his eyes stark blue as he gazed at me lazily his tanned skin looking orange in the light. He smiled taking my hand and bringing it to his lips.

“Hello, Miss Roberts, I’m Harvey Jones. I will be the one to guide you through the school of Riverview High.” He said.

To be Continued
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