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A man walks into a pub and listens to a conversation.

The wooden doors to the inn opened as a heavily cloaked figure strode into the warm room. All eyes turned to him in curiosity, as the same thought went through every head. Who is he?
But the man was oblivious to it all, as he made his way over to the bar sitting down on one of the stools. The bartender who was short with brown hair, waddled over to him and smiled his most pleasant smile.

"What can I get for you, stranger?" he asked in a bright and cheery voice, put on for show. The stranger eyed the labelled bottles, pointing in the direction of the one he desired most. The barman followed the gloved finger and nodded as he grabbed the bottle from the shelf pouring the glimmering amber liquid into a glass, before he shoved it towards the man in front of him. The stranger nodded in thanks before listening in on a conversation between an old man and some young boys.

"Listen here lads. I'm telling you there are creatures out by that cave, I've seens 'em." The old man said in a rough voice. He had a hunched back and white hair sitting limply on his head. His eyes were the colour of washed-out stones with hints of amber around the rim of the pupil. One of the boys with sandy blond hair snickered as the rest laughed.

"As if we should believe you, you old drunken pig. Why don't you tell your story to people like the witches over the road." He said before turning to his friends. "Come on boys, lets go." He said, and they started to move away. The stranger cleared his throat as he pulled down his hood. The boys turned and looked at him in shock, then fear as their eyes scanned his face. The sandy haired boy stammered.

"W-what happened to your face newcomer?" he asked. The stranger looked him over in amusement as the boy stood shaking. His mouth twisting into a grim smile as he lifted his hand, fingers grazing the wounds on his face. Images from moments before flashed across his vision, blurring the room around him.

"I was attacked on my way here up by that cave this man warned you about." He said in a harsh voice. "If I were you boys, I would listen to him. I wouldn't go running around that cave. There are things that cannot be explained that live in there." he took a sip of his whiskey as he watched the expressions on the boys' face change.

"You wouldn't want to be blamed for the death of one another would you?" He asked. They shook their heads before slipping into the cold night. The old man turned to the newcomer and smiled.

"That was a nice story you told 'em, left 'em shaking in their boots you did. But really there was no need to lie for me, let 'em believe I'm some drunken man who's crazy." He said, looking at the person before him, respect shining showing on his face.

The newcomer stared into his eyes. They stayed like that for a moment before the old man looked away taking a sip of his beer. The stranger finished his drink and stood up rearranging his hood to cover his face. He thanked the bartender, who was staring at him in shock. He turned back to the old man and laughed.

"Who ever said I was lying? Because if i remember rightly, I was attacked by a giant creature, bigger than the biggest tree." He said before he too, vanished into the moonlit night. The old man looked after him, thoughts running endlessly through his mind.

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