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by Sky
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Idk how to feel about this, I personally didn't like how this turned out, but tell me!
My eyes widened as I stare at my palms
Scarlet covered hands drip, shivering
Had I really done what I had done?
The memory of murder keeps hovering

Looking at the past I see your smile
Innocent so, filled with trust
My promising eyes reach yours, reassuring
Who knew I'll be the one to have your smile crushed

I backstabbed you, betrayed your trust
The guilt's eating me up
But the damage is done, you've broken
And still you stand, smiling, but your heart cut up

What can I do to make you love me again?
It's impossible for you to trust me anymore
My blood-reddened hands will forever carry the stain
Your scar will always tighten with my implore

I really hope I can repay you for the bloodshed
I want to be the one you trust again
Give me a chance, please try to
I know your trust is hard to regain

I'll try my best, be a better myself
Someone you'll love and trust with your heart
I'll protect that smile no matter what
Can I be forgiven? Let's begin from the start

Please? Love me again?
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