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Our messy, chaotic lives and the collusions we have with others.

Life's one big swirling mess of laughs, tears, nothings and everythings
Life's a leaf buffeted by a tempest, swishing this way and that
Ups, downs, zigs and zags, happys and sads, overs and arounds,
And life's about those we collide with
Those other leaves desperate for purchase, for something to cling to

We're all falling, tumbling through space with no moorings
We feel surrounded by clumps held together by will and love
Joined at the hip by trauma scars, inside jokes, and
The same fear we all suffer: what if I was alone?
But no matter what, we're all still falling

The ground is closer for some, farther for others
The wind can only hold us up for so long
What does it matter if it's together or alone
If sooner or later we all meet the grass?

What could matter more?

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