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Grandma Lady meets a couple nice fellas.
I found a way to meet new people.

On my way home from my place at the lake I was dropping off something for my son and picking up my Grandpuppy, Beetlejuice, to visit for a few days. Just outside my son's little town I passed two young men going the opposite direction. They must have thought I looked interesting to talk to because they did a U turn to follow me a ways, then flashed Christmas lights on top of their car. I thought they were quite festive looking so I pulled over to the side of the road to get a better look as they drove by. Well, they pulled up behind me. Both got out of their car. One came to the window to chat while the other nice young man stood at the back of my car. I assume he was waiting his turn to chat. The young man at my window asked if he could see my driver's license. I think he wanted to know if I was from the area and had time for a chat. The sun was shining quite brightly, so he took my license back to his car to look at it where the sun wasn't in his eyes.

When he handed my license back the nice young man asked if he could look at my insurance and registration. He must have wanted to make sure my coverage was what a white haired Grandma Lady needed. Then we chatted about how fast I was driving. I didn't think to ask him how fast he drives. That would be interesting to know. He told me not to drive so fast from now on. Bless his concern for the elderly. When I drove off the two young men followed me a ways to make sure nobody rode my bumper, then turned the corner at the edge of town.

Anyway, if you want to meet some nice young fellas to talk to, just start driving 70 mph outside my son's little town. And tell them, Grandma Lady says, Hi.
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