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players gotta play . . .

Grandpa is a groovy dude
who flirts and casts a line.
He plays the game with attitude,
says, 'baby what's your sign?'

Grandma is a bawdy girl
who loves to sing and dance.
She likes to play the naughty girl
and shake what's in her pants.

Grandpa scrubs his dentures bright,
inserts a toothy grin,
then pops a little boner pill,
'cause players play to win.

Grandma bathes and shaves her legs,
trims the gray bush neatly,
clips nylons to her garter belt,
dressing up completely.

Grandpa dons a disco shirt
and grabs some dollar bills,
combs thirteen hairs across his scalp,
goes hunting for some thrills.

Grandma wears a curly wig,
paints her face so pretty,
laces up a bustier,
tassels on her titties.

Grandpa likes the girly bar
where grandma takes the stage.
Her figure still looks sexy in
soft-focused eyes of age.

Grandma does a burlesque bit,
puts on a striptease show.
Grandpa follows every move.
spends all his sweaty dough.

Grandma's act still thrills the crowd,
fills the room with tension.
Grandpa feels his oats once more,
rising to attention.

Grandma climbs on grandpa's lap
to do another tease,
grinds her cheeks against his crotch
and gives his dick a squeeze.

Grandpa's heart pounds with the beat,
his pants fall to the floor.
Grandma gets a kinky thrill
from playing grandpa's whore.

Grandma does her happy dance,
she spins 'round grandpa's pole.
Grandpa groans in ecstasy,
then everything explodes.

Passion spent, they change for bed,
the scene was just pretend.
A geriatric player's game,
do you remember when?

Author's note: 52 lines
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