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Prompt: Write about the color blue
Blue is my favorite color.

I was in the yellow camp for a while. Yellow is represented by the life-giving sun.
Yellow also means caution being in the middle of the three colored traffic lights.
I bought a sweet yellow GTO with a black vinyl top when I was 21 years old.

Blue gives you a sense of stability, serenity, and confidence.
My least favorite color is green. The drab green, not the green grass.
In many hospitals. the personnel wear blue which keeps the atmosphere calm.

The sky is blue but don't ask me why.
I sometimes get blue, but try not to stay there for long.
Roses are red and violets are blue.

There are bluegrass bands, blue moons, and the Blue Men.
There are 108 popular songs with blue in the title like Elton John’s “Blue Eyes.”
I have blue eyes.

According to studies, 35% of the world's population's favorite color is blue.
My sister likes blue more. She painted her house blue, has a blue car, and 99% of her clothes are blue.
My favorite pajamas are blue with white polka dots.

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