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Clearly my best vacation of all time.
I went on the best vacation of my life to Hawaii with my favorite sister Linda. I had been there once before, but this was a girls getaway. We had a blast.

The best experience was when I drove us through a sugar cane field, willy nilly, ending up at a secluded beach with pure white sand. We were on this trip when the current hit on the radio was “We Are the World” by Michael Jackson and other artists. We were singing with the radio at the top of our lungs as we sped between those huge canes; high on life! The adventure of driving, where I am pretty sure we were not supposed to be, got my adrenaline going. I am not a thrill seeker nor a risk taker. It was a totally new experience for me.

Part of my bravado was being with the one sister who never quite lived strictly by the rules. I admired her, rather than thought less of her, for the things she did. She was gutsy. She drove to the grocery store one time I was visiting her in Las Vegas. She had a jeep. She pulled up to the front of the store, stopped, hopped out leaving the engine running, and said she would be just a minute. I was sure a police officer would drive up then and there and give me a ticket for being stopped illegally.

I would give anything to be riding in that sugar cane field right now with Linda singing “We are the world, we are the children” at the top of our lungs. I called her last weekend and we reminisced about that trip.

“You sure were bold to be driving us through that sugar cane field,” she said.

We had no idea where we were going. We were probably trespassing. I was scared to death we would get in trouble, but I had you there, Linda. I knew you wouldn’t do anything to get us in trouble because that’s the way you roll.

There is nothing quite like the love and friendship I have with my favorite sister Linda. She just happens to be the sister born closest to my age. We shared a bedroom from the start until we were about sixteen. It was natural we would be close. I hope everyone who has the opportunity can get close to a sibling. It is just the best relationship on earth for me.
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