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Well Here Is 2024 So Far. Be prepared. Love to you all.
In the year 2024, the world has become a surreal landscape where the ubiquity of the Internet and smartphones has transformed society. The traditional middle class has dissolved, leaving only the rich, the poor, and the homeless in its wake. Self-driving electric cars roam the streets, while all electronic activities are meticulously monitored and restricted. The streets are ruled by middle-aged women, known as Karen's, and The Twinks. An unprecedented internet frenzy has gripped the world since 2020, leading to collapsing governments and the widespread availability of hard drugs.

Society's landscape is further distorted as teenage girls face an unsettling trend of hypersexualization, while traditional notions of masculinity in boys and men are gradually fading away. Since 2020, LGBTQ issues have come to the forefront, particularly with a perceived dominance of the gay community. This phenomenon is regarded as a serious problem in the contemporary world. The subject, though profound and controversial, is not one to be discussed in this space. It stands as a somber reminder of the complexities and challenges embedded in our societal structure, inviting contemplation beyond the confines of this conversation.

The younger generation, exposed to technology from an early age, wields iPhones larger than their heads by the age of three, Being exposed to Propaganda, by our government, is shown profanity and nudity, and exposed to things no child should see or be around. Their behavior is alarming, with profanity, slurs, and threats becoming commonplace at an unusually young age. The lack of supervision and consequences for their actions contribute to a generation that appears to be maturing in a chaotic manner, akin to zombies.

The rise of AI and the deployment of robots in public spaces add another layer of complexity to this dystopian world. Some AI programs are rumored to have sinister intentions, leading to human casualties. Even fast-food chains like McDonald's have fully automated their operations. Chatbots controlled by AI, resembling fake humans, engage millions in conversation daily, including children.

The economic situation is dire, with high gas and food prices causing widespread financial struggles since 2021. The world is in turmoil, with numerous countries engaged in war, and political tensions are escalating. President Biden is perceived as a controversial figure, adding to the overall uncertainty surrounding the upcoming election.

Amidst this chaos, a looming threat hangs over humanity—a solar storm expected to hit Earth in early 2024 or by 2025. Termed the "internet apocalypse," it is predicted to wipe out all communications, the internet, and electronics. Some see it as a potential end to the manipulation and control imposed by those in power, considering the population as unwitting pawns.

Yet, amidst the darkness, a staggering realization dawns—85% of the human population remains oblivious to the manipulation and impending catastrophe. People are likened to bricks in the walls, manipulated by propaganda, the internet, and the education system. The government's longstanding control has turned individuals into unwitting slaves, akin to a flock of birds.

Compounding the distressing narrative, a significant portion of the population is affected by pharmaceuticals, and in certain locations like Oregon, hard drugs are freely distributed on the streets. Major cities, including New York, San Francisco, Austin, and Chicago, grapple with a homelessness crisis, with rampant drug use and squalid conditions.

The world depicted is a melancholic reflection of a society teetering on the brink of collapse, caught in the crossfire of technological advancement, political turmoil, and impending natural disasters.
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